Get rid of Chlorophyll on spd

I tried spd with some shake .
Chlorophyll was present at first soak ( very fast soak in 100% iso for 5 min - cold iso , cold shakes -20 c )then filter. i winterized , after 24h i used bunchner filter to get rid of wax . Throw it i to Rotovap to have crude . , wet scrub crude with cbleach then spd after . The final product come out green and dark . Any solution to get rid of cholorophyll ? Will do carbon scrub the distillate disolve in hexane work ? Or dcvc with silica 60 to help get rid of cholophyll ? Your help is much appreciated ! This is my first spd with shakes !

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I ran some ethanol concentrate once for a friend. Hated it and wont do it again lolz.

However there may be a solution for you. I have not tried this on ethanol concentrates but routinely do this on other extract to remove chlorophyl.

Boil the compound in a large flask with 70/30 rubbing alcohol on a slow to medium boil until the liquid has reduced down to where it is just obviously water and oil an gunk rolling around. Let cool and drain what water residue you can off. Then redisolve the compound in rubbing alcohol. The green matter will have been swollen from the boil in the presence of water and the iso which allows the water to penetrate. Iso will not boil off first from the water because it forms an azeotrope with water and cannot be seperated by boiling alone. This property is being exploited here.

Now fill a buhcner funnel with a few inches of 220-240 grit aluminum oxide as a sand filter. Prewet the filter with tap water and vacuum through the tap water to flush out any fine dust and to pack the column. Then vacuum the compound and rubbing alcohol through. All htat swollen gunk will stick to the top of the alumina including the green. This will also swell and dewax the compound in a thorough manner but of course 100% dewax in any process is a red herring, but it works very well at catching all the stuff that will swell from hydrolysis including the green.


I scored 10lbs of brown alumn oxide on eb@y for about 20 shipped. Way more than I’ll need, but bulk is always cheaper.

I’m sure I’ll be running into this same problem when I start spd. I’ll also be using etoh wash, then thru a fritted disc buchner funnel with 220g a/o, then ran thru my distiller elcheapo table top ethanol distiller.

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Thanks a lot , @Beaker.