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Yeah apparently they don’t have much experience in what goes on out east because I’d say 90% of all junkies I knew growing up in the woods got an on the job injury and started doing dope when the perky script stopped. Unfortunately many are not with us anymore.

I suppose those who didnt grow up blue collar aren’t in that world?


This happened all the time when I was a kid. I was never given a sharp knife when eating at a friends house, and if there was something like a steak my friend’s mom would cut it into pieces for us.

That’s exactly what I’m saying.

Did you even read the fucking article you linked? It very clearly says pain management is a minuscule factor.

“Rather than simply providing a “high,” opioids reportedly relieve psychological/emotional problems or provide an escape from life stressors. As use continues, avoidance of withdrawal sickness becomes an overriding concern, with all other benefits playing minor roles in persistent use.”

Your fucking credentials are only relevant if they’re relevant. It would be more relevant if you were a fucking chef. You’re the reason so many companies are spending millions of dollars just to release absolute dogshit products. Why admit when you don’t know what you’re taking about. Just lie, and hope nobody calls you on it.

I probably worded it poorly, let me repeat myself.

Nobody starts doing dope because they’re in pain. They enjoy the opiates and don’t want to transition to life without them.

Yep….and Ive pocketed those millions and purchased opiates to relieve the stress of having to deal with imbeciles like you.

Cool. Physical addiction is a fantasy. Thank for sharing sunshine.