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You need something that’s going to selectively remediate only your contaminants, with a small footprint without unnecessarily reducing flow. Choose GoodFast.

Maybe you need something a little more aggressive and need to really save that extra dollar on a small footprint solution? GoodCheap is there for you.

When you need to maintain maximum flow rates to achieve maximum efficiency and save every penny, but can provide a bit larger footprint. You need CheapFast.

Save more and bundle them per our Best Use Principles(available for download in our Resource Center at www.gcffiltration.com)! Using a classic single filtration column setup couples well with our Good Suite. Using a buffer tank as a filtration column followed by a classic low micron column couples well with our Fast Suite.


Welcome! Do you guys have any way of describing your products against other known brands?

Carbon Chemistry
Media Bros

Bho Use only?
As I see they’re all blends with purpose of extraction in mind. I think that might help your goals.

Nice Banner Ad :smiley:

I understand the 3 primary products and have read their main purposes

Good Fast
Good Cheap
Cheap Fast

and think that’s nifty.

I guess I’ll start to dig here:


Our products are designed to provide cost saving alternatives to popular brands with an emphasis on consistency and performance. Users will find our products compare and swap out easily with any of those leading brands.

GoodFast, inspired by ChemTek W1, is a highly selective adsorbent blend tailored to remove unwanted compounds without influencing aroma and flavor profiles while maintaining nearly unrestricted flow at depths of up to 10".

GoodCheap, inspired by LusterMax Alpha and Carbon Chemistry T-12, is a bit less selective, with slightly reduced flow rates over depths as little as 6", but is a potent adsorbent with the ability to polish even the darkest extracts to pale yellows while removing undesirable flavors and odors.

CheapFast, inspired by MediaBros C series medias, is a granular adsorbent with potent remediation strength and zero reduction in flow. Residence times of as little as 2 minutes can have profound effects on a solution and at 10 minutes, many extracts can be polished to nearly perfect clarity. To get those residence times, we recommend a slightly different way to operate, which we’ll be releasing more information on next week.

Users of ChemTek, LusterMax, and Carbon Chemistry products will find our single-stage filtration process fits their standard procedures and users of MediaBros will find our multi-stage filtration process(releasing next week) fits their standard procedures best.

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Should send a distributor sample to this guy.

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We’re more than happy to send samples to anyone interested. We believe our distribution opportunities are very generous and would be more than happy to present them to any interested party that can show the products would be for resell, and marketing for resell, purposes only.

We have yet to approach any potential distributors to allow some time for the products to gain familiarity and confidence in the market before we began that campaign, but we’re excited to start getting onto shelves near you as soon as possible.

Shoot us a dm and get your FREE SAMPLE SUITE. Enough adsorbents to process between 8 to 16 lbs of material, depending on quality.

Didn't notice on your site if the media works well in all solvents or is just designed for hydrocarbons

Our product rnd has been centered around hydrocarbons due to their extremely non-polar nature, but our products can remove heavy metals and chlorophyll, to a degree carotenoids and anthocyanins, and in certain scenarios free fatty acids and phospholipids from alcohol based solutions with little to no loss in target compound content.

We’re going to release some videos over the next week, to support the quality of our products in regards to flow and remediation quality. We’ll add a series of ethanol remediation videos to the list.

We are currently looking for a local extraction production facility that would be interested in steep discounts or other incentives to scale our videos to larger more relevant demonstrations.


We really want to thank everyone for the interest so far. We look forward to any feedback we might receive and a long future providing all of you with affordable filtration solutions you can count on.


Just wanted to remind everyone we offer FREE sample suites. No shipping fees, no hidden costs. 100% FREE!

Enough filter media to process up to 15 lbs of material!

A savings of up to $80!

See the difference today, at no risk to you.

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Free media for 15lbs of material to try and provide feedback on is kind.

I can’t recall everyone that sent free samples in the past: media bros / carbon chem I think came with solvent Direct. Chemtek sent buckets of each product (was definitely impressive, but the price was too), Lustermax sent enough for test too.

I think this stage in the game trying something new is up against people who have found what works for them, and those people have found the cheapest supplier they can for a specific brands product.

I love and appreciate you’re going into the Kitty Litter game with the rest of them, but you’ll probably need to approach direct contact of the largest licenses and get them samples and someone on the phone who tried them.

New product changes the SOP, and while the pitch of potentially cheaper product is great. I think you’ll find the most pushback is from the already established buyers.

Yes you’re risking free product, and they’re risking free material.
So it seems potential for anyone, but is everyone willing to risk good material to test free product?

A lot of variables to think about in today’s time. Wish you luck.

Free bump.

We really appreciate your feedback and we’re inclined to agree. We do have a lot of direct marketing getting into full swing starting December as our goals right now are all wrapped around MJBizcon.

I think what is going to surprise many people is going to be just how much money they could be saving using our products compared to what our competitors are offering. Our prices, without any sales, are already the cheapest on the market today. Then you buy them bundled and you save even more, generally enough to bypass any loyalty discounts other companies might be offering. If you also consider the numerous sales you can’t match our prices, hands down.

Wait for our big blow-out sales like this grand opening sale and suddenly you’re saving between hundreds of dollars and tens of thousands of dollars. We’re talking about the difference between being able to keep the doors open this year or not.

As far as changing SOPs, that’s not an issue either. Sure, we have a way we recommend people run, but our products are similar enough to what our competitors offer that they can be plugged into any existing filtration setup.

Keep your eyes peeled for our proof of concept videos that are coming out of editing later today. We are still very interested in working with a processing facility to produce more appropriately scaled videos to present to the class. This is a great opportunity to save even more money in socal.

Making a good video isn’t as easy as doing good science. :sweat_smile:

Here are a few terrible pictures, though representative of GoodFast’s capability all the same. We’ll have at least better pictures of its work tomorrow evening.


What you see here is GoodFast added at 2:1 to a crude cannabis extract which has been dissolved in 99% n-pentane at 10:1 solvent to extract.

As you can see, even a very dark extract can be polished to desirable appearance, with remediation beginning the moment even some of the adsorbents come into contact with the solution.

The full video of this expirement will be uploaded to YouTube by next week if you’d like to see the unedited video the pictures came from.

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2 parts media to 1 part crude?

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Correct. This is our lowest recommend dosage for working with crude oil that had not been filtered. I’ll present another example in a few days of its strength at 4:1. I think you’ll all be shocked with the CheapFast footage coming later this afternoon.

So 4lb of media for a lb of crude oil? How much does 4lbs cost @CuriousChemist22?

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CheapFast, if used to remediate a crude oil, is recommended at doses of 4:1 to 8:1. Some users may find desirable results using less, but we like to make claims that are aligned with the average user. For biomass we recommend 4 to 8 oz per 1lb(16oz) of material or a ratio of 1:4 to 1:2 ounce of adsorbent per ounce of biomass.

GoodFast and GoodCheap perform consistently at ratios of 2:1, but even the worst concentrates can be cleaned at ratios of 4:1, adsorbent to crude extract. GoodFast and GoodCheap both can be used alongside biomass at ratios of 1:8 to 1:4 ounce of adsorbent to ounce of biomass.

Was there something else you were hoping to find out?

Get a sample and see the difference for yourself.

so how is this cheaper than say lustermax which requires you to use such a small amount of adsorbents compared to this?

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Here is a short video of CheapFast working its magic at 4:1 adsorbent to crude extract which has been dissolved in 10x its weight in n-pentane.

Then a few shots of the before and after products.

Take the leap today while the savings are at their highest and find out why every day more and more people are joining the GCF Family.

Ignoring the part where the recommendation doesn’t specify which product is being referred to LusterMax products are recommended to be used at 5-15% by weight of material for cured biomass.

At 5-15% lb it’s 23-68g/lb of material. LusterMax charges $180 plus a $20 delivery fee regardless of location, so $200 for 8kg. That breaks down to 2.5 cents per gram, or an average $1.14/lb processed.

To keep things straightforward we rounded up to the nearest base increment, ounces, and recommend using 2-4 ounces(56-112g) of GoodCheap to be sure every customer achieves success. GoodCheap is on sale for 40% off so a 20lb Bucket costs $120. Add shipping based on location of between $10-$20 and you get an average cost per gram of 1.5 cents, or an average $1.25/lb processed.

Nearly 50% cheaper per gram, but overall 11 cents more expensive per lb processed if ran at each companies recommended dosage.

We want to be a company that under promises and over delivers not the other way around. That being said, while we recommend using 2-4 ounces per lb of biomass, many costumers find that lower quantities are still sufficient to suit their needs. We’d love to do a side-by-side of any competitor that thinks their product can pass the test gram for gram.

Blind comparisons will be available in the next few weeks.

Don’t take our word for it though. Check us out on IG @gcffiltration, enter our Thanksgiving giveaway, and win a free 20:10 Good Suite! That’s 20 lbs of either GoodFast or GoodCheap and 10lbs of CheapFast completely free!

except we ship lustermax free anywhere in the nation and its $370 for 20kg which is and really 30g per lb of biomass is really about the sweet spot. so lets redo your numbers a bit and instead of starting off by skewing the numbers to meet your sales pitch. Start off your new business venture comparing actual real numbers.

And not on sale its 8kg pretty much for $200. So your product takes 2x-3x. Not on sale that same 8kg is 200$ and thats your biggest size(not buying 200lbs). Not including shipping.

so the same 20kg of your product not on sale is gonna cost a customer $450 not including shipping and its gonna cost you a lot to ship them plastic bins to the east cost. SO ADD $70 roughtly $520 shipped for 20kg. and you need 2-3x the amount. this sounds like another skreb filler sales pitch! LOL

I still dont see how this is cheaper. Im not gonna break it down to cost per gram because its more expensive per KG shipped and you need 2x-3x the amount. Maybe im missing something? I see extractor solutions is selling everything in there store 30% off. And that brings down their SALES cost of lustermax to around $300 for 20kg not 20lbs. :joy: :rofl: :joy:

People should really read this thread and look at the type of advice this seller provides…

Just so everyone knows. @GCFFiltration is @CuriousChemist22

Debating prices is cool and all, but what does that have to do with the advice his company gives out?


If either one of you wants to “compare numbers”, literally just post a screenshot of your product listing, include any active discount codes, and shipping cost, and cost/calculations for the lower and upper end of what YOUR individual product costs per lb, and then people can compare and go with whatever they want. Dont talk about your competitors without proof of your claims.

I havent been on the forum in a while but has it really gotten to a point where you intentionally derail the new posts of your competitors, diluting the thread so people who might have been interested are less likely to sift through it all?

At the end of the day its every persons’ job to make their own price/value assessment, not the job of the company to tell them what they should think.

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