Future4200 Consulting



Name: Dustin Powers
Company Name: Future Consulting
Contact Info:. ConsultingFutures@gmail.com
Location:. Washington State
Team Size:. 1

Services Offered:
Ethanol extraction, pre and post processing, distillation, pesticide and color remediation, controlling isomerization, lab SOPs, lab layout, equipment selection and sourcing

$500/hr Phone
$750/hr Skype
$10k/day + travel expenses

States Available in: All and Canada
Insured?: Yes
OLCC Workers Permit?: Yes

Please let me know who you are, a brief summary of what you are doing and where you need help, and include the word “Consult” in the title.


hey whats up future.Was at the knowledge sesh on the 29th, how do I get access to the sop?


For anyone else wondering, shoot me a DM


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