Future has spoken. We can do 30 300mg cbd capsules for what price is fair?

80$ retail? 40 wholesale?



We could easily go public with 60$ retail for that. Problem is our suppliers would want it now we have to half that.

I think 30/60 could possibly work…? Thoughts?


Maybe we offer it directly for 60$ or our retailers can have it for 40$ ?

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Could even do 30 300mg tablets for 70-80$ retail. Just depends how y’all want to ingest it


Plus the 2-3% cbg acts as a catalyst making that 300mg even that much more potent


so 9gms of cbd for $40?? i guess who really can complain at under $5 a gram. its not like wholesale price but its not wholesale numbers either. I think thats pretty fair.


Seems fair to me

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Isolate?? Distillate?? Water soluble or oil soluble??

If you use water soluble, wouldn’t you be able to put way less mg in since it is so much more bioavailable? This 300mg/day thing… is that just CBD isolate or what?

That’s just t free disti. Could do nano, but a nano price would be much more expensive. But could probably do 100mg per cap

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It’s hard to cap water soluable cause caps dissolve in water. Have to use special kind of capsules


Nice. That’s a really good price then man.

you only need 300mg if its not water soluble. most retailers are already doing that

I’ve not seen anyone that sells a 300mg daily dose or a 9000mg package


yours would be a much better price point and you would drop the price of the retail market! :smiley:


i think its about $50-60 per 300mg of water soluble rn.

the pitch is a water soluble is 5-10 fold more bioavailable depending on carrier and ingestion method. a 300mg water soulble taken 3 times a day at 10mg per dose is 30mg water soluble. if you get 900 mg in 30 ml its 30mg in a single dose. that dosing is easily manageable i think

edit: actually im seeing 900 mg for $100 water soluble full spec

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Ya super expensiveee.

I’m talking per day.

That’s saying 50-60$ PER DAY. Wild

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what? 300mg of water soluble is not 300 mg cbd in mct oil like most clinical research has been done on.

why in the world would someone need something in the same mg dosage if you absorb 5-10x the cbd into your bloodstream?

Well that’s a whole other thing.

Show me a single document that shows 3-5x bioavailability.

There isn’t a single one. It’s all anacdotal. We are close to doing our own bioavailability studies ourselves.

But there’s nothing concrete that shows that.

But ya for nano you’d need 50-100mg per day. So even at a 50$ Per 300 so that 16.50 per 100 so 16.50 per day


i dont think anyone can reasonably say you need 300mg of a water soluble nano powder to equate the effectiveness of 300mg cbd isolate… but @future has yet to address a single point on bioavailability

it depends on the method of ingestion and the carrier as to how many times more absorbable it would be. there are some studies showing that cbd is more miscible at a certain particle size. this has been proven by many other drugs. we havent had federal funding towards water soluble cbd yet. let me see what hard data i can find. until either of us provide hard data showing that it definitely is not 5-10x more than others its anecdotal but its pretty simple to imagine a poorly formulated product in the wrong carrier may only deliver 1/10 of the cbd to your body that a well processed and carefully sized particle can

Absolutely. But cbd has no gaurantee to respond to smaller particle size like other drugs. When we get our data back it’ll be super helpful and huge for our industry and idk why others haven’t released their data yet