Funny Smelling Isolate

Hey Guys,

I have some Isolate that has a bit of a smell to it. It’s testing at about 200 ppm of pentane and I’m assuming that’s where the smell is coming from. What would you guys do to clean this up a bit, as I’m not trying to sell anything with any kinds of residual solvents or funny smells

Vacuum purge it

already did, didn’t really help all that much

Recrystallize in terpenes, whatever is making it smell bad should stay with the terpenes.

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you’re going to need to crush/thin the isolate to have it finish purging under vacuum

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If the amount is not to large
Freeze Some clean butane and isolate
Place powder in cls On top of filterplate run a little butane treu then purge
Might be hexane way lower scent treshhold than pentane
Vacuum purge