Fume Hood Build Safety Question

I’m looking at putting together a fume hood for working with VOC’s like pentane, hexane, etc. This will only be for post-processing ETOH hemp extractions, so I wont be working with anything with super low boiling points like butane or propane. I’m currently looking at carbon scrubbers and fans used for grow rooms, where I was thinking of installing an inline carbon scrubber inside the hood as an intake filter, and another scrubber after the fan as an exhaust scrubber (exhaust going outdoors of course). My biggest concern is the fan itself igniting fumes that are being pulled from the hood. Would this be a real safety concern with a carbon intake filter? If so, does anyone have suggestions for fans that are designed to pull flammable vapors? This is the fan I was looking at using.


Yeah don’t use that fan to pull vapors, don’t wanna go BOOM!!! Like you stated…safety!!!

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You should look into the IFC and NFPA codes for Class 1 Division 2 areas.

You really should have a turn key engineered and pre-cerified solution. Here is a link to ours. (scroll down)

If it isn’t in the budget to do it to code, use a Allegro fan that is rated and UL listed, that will at least keep you safe.

Obviously you know you are risking fines and your doors being shut for OSHA workplace violations if you don’t build to code. Moreover, if you ever have a lab accident and an employee is injured, if they choose to sue, you will have zero ground to stand on.

Not trying to detour you, just sharing my experience.


I’m just going to be using this to run experiments in my basement and get a solid and scalable SOP down while my partner gets the money together for a legitimate lab that’s up to code. I worked construction for years in the past and witnessed enough accidents to know the dangers of letting VOC fume concentrations get too high (one idiot was lucky to be alive after he decided to clean equipment with lacquer thinner in a closed garage and the water heater finally ignited the fumes. Not even wearing a mask, though I guess there weren’t many braincells to fry to begin with). Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll get to building before I start messing with these materials. :+1: