Full sub-zero ethanol extraction lab

30L double jacketed reactor
50L rotary evaporator
2L distillate system
Alcohol chiller to -30 to -35
Water cooled vacuum
Water chiller
Panda spinner
Vacuum cure chamber
Dry ice block maker and 3 tanks
1 room AC dual intake/output system
Lots of extra glass
Heat sensor gun/Gas sensor
Carbon/silica filtering material and glass
10 gallons of ethanol
iso for chilling systems
Bunch of other extras

Bought all this to produce high quality products for my daughter, who was diagnosed with a rare medical condition. Can no longer afford to keep it. Used a handful of times. Everything works great.

Will price for serious inquiries. Looking to sale production equipment as turn key. All imported and proven to work.

Will post or provide picks. Have about 30k invested.

Located outside Sacramento area, in the Sierra Foothills

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Hello. First, welcome. Second, very sorry to hear about your daughter. Iā€™m interested in some of your equipment. Please call my office today? 920-487-8288. Thank you.

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Hello! Do you still have your rotary evaporator available? And, if so, which city are you in again?? Thanks!!

Garden valley, California. Quite a distance I think from you.

I can pick up in CA. Please call my cell ? 920-372-2420

Hi Stacy,

I am looking to sale the entire lab at this point. If unable to do that I plan on holding on to it for now.

What is the best price for all?