Full Spectrum Hemp Distillate for sale starting at $650 per kilo - THC Remediation upon request! ISO9001/cGMP

Hey all,

We have a few lots of Full Spectrum CBD distillate for sale in Wisconsin that I’m trying to move for some of our farmers we processed for.

All Products are Wisconsin Grown and Processed with everything traceable from Seed to Sale, if any additional information is requested. I can link you all the way back to the farmer and you can ask what nutrients they grow with if you wanted to know!

All Products are in Full Spectrum form and can be remediated for $550 per Kilo output at buyers request for a THC-Free Broad Spectrum distillate, please leave additional time if requesting remediation as we do this upon request to leave the price points more controlled to the end-buyer.

I’ve attached 2 Coa’s for the current availability (Full PDF 8-page COA Available upon request)

$650 per Kilo for 83% total cannabinoids

$950 Per kilo for 94% total cannabinoids.

We can send a sample to any 3rd party lab that you request, at your cost. I’ve found everyone seems to have their own lab they trust and found it more successful to utilize those if requested by anyone interested in it.

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You will have distillate for cartridges. I want to buy 1 lt for Peru

We are interested looking for a Healer Friend of mine who works with Autistic and other severe cases of non verbal. he is looking for 2kg asap email oilandgasceo@gmail.com

Email Sent, I have more batches coming out everyday and will send more COA’s upon request.

Glad to help anyway I can!

Unfortunately I can only sell within Wisconsin to others licensed Processors unless THC remediation is requested, then that can be shipped.

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CBT? How is there so much there of something I’ve never heard of

Hey Siosis,

Not sure I understand.

Im horrible with using the forum links etc but if you Search CBT ( Cannabicitran ), you’ll see a few threads about it. Extractlabs and a few other companies do some articles about it every now and then as well.

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I’ll have a to look into it. But it’s not one I’m familiar with. Never the less even seen it in any kind of significant concentration. To see 5% concentration of any minor is high considering it’s a minor I’m unfamiliar with it’s very unusual