Full extraction and testing lab fire sale

Item: Full extraction lab and testing lab for sale. This company went bankrupt and theres almost 1 million dollars worth of equipment here that i need to sell. Im open to offers on the whole bundle, or individual item offers. Sub zero SS falling film, falling film columns, filtration columns, centrifuges, control panels, nitrogen generator, transfer pumps, chillers, buchi flash chrom thc remediation bundle turn key, HPLC, MS, other anylitical testing equipment, speed vap for sample prep, extra parts for everything, massive mixer for 55gal drums, even some roto vaps. We have alot of stuff here and we are looking to move it quickly. Please email jason@northeastprocessing.com for more info/pics and pricing. This extraction lab processed 500lb biomass each day to give you an idea of the scale of the operation.

Location: Brattleboro VT

Price: $200,000 for everything or make an offer on individual items.

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Pics of the HPLC?


Make a spread sheet

Include original pricing and what you want for it


Beat me to it. Pics and prices for hplc and ms please!


I’ll come run the show let’s set it up, relocate me and make it happen @jmh08050!


What size rotos?

What chillers do you have?

pretty much all ethanol equipment? anything for hydrocarbon extraction?

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Hi guys, sorry for the late reply. I had some trouble getting pictures and list from the guys.

Future wont let me upload a zip file, so you must email me for photos. jason@northeastprocessing.com

Here I have attached a list that is still missing a few things but is very close. This is an ethanol set up that currently processes 500lb per day. There are pumps and holding vessels, etc all included for this to be a turn key set up. You would need some freezer’s, C1D1 room, infrastructure etc.

There has been a lot of interest in this package deal and I would prefer to sell everything as a package deal. OR analytical equipment for 100k and extraction for 100k. The previous owner of this equipment spent about 550k on this equipment list. The exact subzero falling film is being sold online at subzero scientific for $195,000.

The analytical testing equipment along with the extraction equipment are currently processing hemp full time every day. We can provide in person visits for individuals looking to see the equipment in action, or i can get some videos made and sent out. Preventative maintenance was performed regularly by gentech and NEP staff.

Any questions please shoot me an email. I am prioritizing package purchase offers.

Thank you all for your interest and love of hemp/cannabis :smile: smile:NEP for sale list.pdf (3.3 MB)

all eth, no hydro sorry man.

Next on the HPLC.

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The HPLC is set up in the lab and is fully operational with extra towers and parts in the back room.

Do you have a centrifuge available?

Are you guys still selling any equipment?

I might be interested in the whole stockpile