Fresh Hemp Terps

We steam distilled 6 separate Oregon CBD varietals this past season. Lifter, Elektra, Suver Haze, Hawaiian Haze, Sour Space Candy & Special Sauce. Turned out beautiful. COA’s are below.

Descriptions from a wine nerd buddy:
Lifter - mixed purple and green musky florals, yellow citrus, bramble, uplifting
Hawaiian Haze - candied ginger, saline, pine sap, stimulating
Hawaiian Haze #2 - sweet lemongrass, salty, stimulating
Sour Space Candy - musky, deep, orange and pear, rocky, flinty and salty, very pungent, invigorating
Elektra - savory, bramble, sweet grass, dark, baked citrus, delicate and subtle, calming
Special Sauce - sweet, golden florals, spicy yellow citrus, earthen, rich, complex, calming
Suver Haze - bright orange, spicy dark florals, dense, bright, uplighting

20-010330 - Hawaiian Haze Terpenes - Summary.pdf (175.2 KB) Elektra Terpenes - Summary Only.pdf (93.3 KB) Hawaiian Haze #2 Terpenes Summary Only.pdf (66.1 KB) Lifter Terpenes - Summary Only.pdf (65.3 KB) Sour Space Candy Terpenes Summary Only.pdf (66.0 KB) Special Sauce Terpenes - Summary Only.pdf (64.2 KB) Suver Haze Terpenes - Summary Only.pdf (66.0 KB)


What do rocks smell like?


Probably like a mixed purple and green floral musk…

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Depends if its a pet rock or a wild rock


Moq? U got a sample pack we can purchase?
First hawaiin haze terps look suspect… 99% detectable terps?:thinking:

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I got a sample pack and heres my review:
Terps were relabeled by number to keep name biased minimal.

2 = HH#2
3= HH#1
4= Lifter
5= SSC
6= Elektra
7= Special Sauce
8= Suver Haze

2,7,8 good floral not too piney.
8 is alittle better then 2 and 7. But not as good as 5 and 6.
3,4 has a foul aftersmell.
3 is more sweet/fishy and the 4 is more farts/rotten fruit, so could be good for the “raunchy” strains like grandpas breath.

5,6 are the best. 5 is a jack herer leaning terp profile. And 6 is more a complex afghani type smell.

I labeled the terps 2-8 (1 being my control C4 terps by cartfarm) and did a blind test as best as i could. I took 8 gram jars, put 1g of CBG isolate and 15 drops of each (roughly 0.1-0.2g) into each container. I used a disposable dropper for each jar so there was no cross contamination. Each jar was shook 3 times rapidly before withrawing terps with the dropper. They were then left for 1 hour with caps on at room temp. Hid the terpene vials (so i didnt remember which number correlated to which strain) and started with a smell test. After i picked my top 4, i dabbed each one. Each with its own banger. And ive deemed Sour Space Candy and Elektra as the winners.

My ranking from best to worse: 5,6,8,7,2,4,3.
C4 that i already had lands somewhere between 6 and 8 as far as quality. I highly recommend 5 (Sour Soace Candy) and 6(Elektra) to try out yourself.


Awesome review! It was a good read, and it sounds like you were through and detailed with everything. :+1:

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are these thc free?


Yes, look at the coas posted above


my bad i missed that. this is amazing testing for terps



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Yes they are.

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Did you have any of the new Sours to extract from? @OctoArm

No, we did not terp any of Oregon CBD’s new sour strains.


What up brother, this is J. To this day your Electra is one of my favorite hemp Terps, they inspired me to start distilling hemp Terps :pray:


When y’all are smell testing, are you smelling the full container of terps? We typically would dip a toothpick and gently air dry otherwise it’s too overpowering…and will smell like fish 60% of the time


Good point, are usually davit onto a business card and waft it around for a few minutes minutes

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Also when you smell a container of terpenes you’re more likely going to be smelling the residue trapped in the threads under the cap. If you haven’t opened it in a while the droplets of terpenes from under the cap will oxidize/degrade/evaporate and form a usually chemical smelling residue on the upper threads. This is especially true with hemp terpenes being so high in myrcene which does not take fondly to air.

You’ll notice if you have an old bottle of terps that if you move the contents to a new bottle then it suddenly will smell good again. Same goes for putting a droplet on a piece of paper and smelling that instead of burying your nose right up in the bottle. That little bit that gets trapped on the threads under the cap will be the first thing your nose picks up and it will always make it smell worse. That on top of the fact that a bottle of terps is too concentrated for your nose to fully distinguish. It makes a lot of steam distilled terpenes (which are more volatile than what we’re used to smelling) seem a lot worse than they really are.


yeah Bud!

Thats why i do my test, it makes sure to accomodate for all of this. At rhe end of the day ur gonna mix the terps 8-20% into ur concentrate, so why not do that for the smell test, and isolate is easy to mix