Fresh Frozen in CA

Fully licensed manufacturer looking for properly harvested and flash frozen; fully tested, Cat 1, 2 and 3, fresh frozen biomass in California. Outdoor, greenhouse or indoor flower is welcome. Anyone have any leads? Any assistance is appreciated!


I’ll run it for 50% split. Not paying a dime tho



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On a side note if there is and “Fresh” frozen out there in Cali with a COA feel free to DM me.


Give you a call tomorrow. Nor Cal or So Cal?

I have 70,000 lbs … of fresh frozen available at 90$ per lb


Where are you located? How long has the material been sitting in freezers? Indoor, greenhouse, or outdoor?

These are full term light depps
From the last Harvest two months ago
Legend OG x Watermelon ZkittleZ
Gorilla Glue
Blue Dream
Wedding cakes x watermelon zkittleZ

And few more

You located in NorCal or SoCal?

So cal

Batch CAT lll COA’s on this?

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yes coa pls

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You need some FF @BG305? Why didn’t you say so :wink: lemme know. L2L only.

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No Coa on frozen flowers … manufacturer
Usually comes to grab 10-20lb samples and tests the concentrates/shatter resin/rosin… etc that they make from it

90 per unit fresh frozen… I hope thats not standard if it is, I’m so happy I turned down investment for lab.


Why do you say that?

You are still looking I have 50,000 of frozen depps at 90-95$ per lb

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Do you still have this ? I’m a licensee Distribution in California


Some possible leads here :eagle:

How can I help