Fresh Frozen from California Licensed Distro

Hello Everyone

I am a licensed distributor and I have about 700 pounds of fresh frozen in Adelanto, CA. if anyone has interest. Please DM me if you have interest. Thanks


Hey @BG305. We are gonna be in that neighborhood next week huh??

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I am in Adelanto as well. Can you please PM me for availability/pricing?

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We sure are. I actually just got a call about 3k Nitro frozen flower #'s.

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Hi I’m interested in all 700 lbs please send me contact information!

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What are people typically paying in CA for fresh frozen flower ?

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Sorry for the late reply. I just seen this message.

Whole plant ff is usually around 110-200 pre tax from what I’ve seen.


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Hey there. I would be interested in trying them out.

Let me mail you some samples, :+1:

Sounds good. I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. I been off the site working on our facilities.
Do you need me to email mailing address info?

Do you still have biomass available.

Sorry I don’t at the moment. Are you looking for fresh frozen specifically?

Im Interested in Fresh frozen, CAT3 500-2000 lbs. Working for a Licensed Distributor/manufacture. Call/Text me 714-728-3361.
Thank you ,

Ok. I will take your number down and follow up as soon as I have some available. Thanks

Ya let me know, I’m rite down the road from you as well. If you know of any biomass around will that as well. Definitely looking for some fresh frozen as well. @420solutions

Ok will do

Sweet, Shoot me a text so I have your contact saved. Thank you @420solutions