Freezing material to preserve oil quality

Might be a silly question but Someone was telling me that if I’m planning on using fresh Shake and it’s going to be sitting around for more than a week I should freeze it. And then when I want to use it take it out redry it and then run it I thought this was the silliest thing I have ever heard. I get the idea of freezing it to preserve the oil but there has to be a better way than letting it condensate and redrying I feel like we redrying it would damage it more then it’s sitting out for a month.

How long can I leave fresh shake out before the oil quality starts to degrade?


30 mins. Joking but the faster the better.

lol how long can I leave material out before I should be concerned about oil quality

And is freezing it really the way to go could I swap the air in the bags for nitrogen and then vacuum seal

Why are you drying if freezing fresh, if you want live you wouldn’t dry… BTW I store all my material in 5 gal vacuum chambers now adays, at full vac…

If u want to run dry material, process to it’s ready to run, then freeze under vac for no moisture, if you have to store for later that is and don’t prefer ice crytals on it
Only store fresh if u plan to run live, then blast it frozen

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For dry material at atmosphere and roomtemps storing i only process to 8 weeks after harvest
I do an aditional oven dry to make bone dry When start processing
Then freeze and process
Material after 8 waaks starts giving. Amber heu to amber to My oil
I don t do live resin


Do u have a pic of these 5 gallon vacuum storeage containers and could I juse use vacuum saver food bags? @StoneD

I actually meant to store that in the freezer like that…

I don’t even use it anymore, I’m not running into abundance of material,I just blast when I get it now

So you literally put fresh flowers into vacuum chamber , place vacuum chamber in freezer and leave it be ?

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I don’t do this anymore bc I have the time to run it all now…

But if my intentions was live, and I needed to store for about month, then yes freeze without atmosphere

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