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Then remember that this is a user moderated forum, handled through the flagging system. I just spent an hour flagging a fuck pile of garbage posts. If you guys want this forum to remain a welcoming place where we share knowledge and level up, then do your part to keep it that way.

The flags work. Use them.


Will this cheer you up?


Edit : nvmd lol


It’s a bamboozle.

This forum may be pretty raw now, but it is kind of ironic, it is built on a platform of openness. Fakeness and marketing only lasts so long here. It’s a shame sometimes that valuable info is sometimes peppered with ego.

I think since a lot of us know each other, and the inherent nature of our passions/businesses, we should add NO DOXXING to the rules. And maybe no drug use accusations. Why do that?


This thread is basically in response to comments you made about the quality of the forum

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I don’t mean to sound like a dick. But the quality has significantly dropped with Elliot’s arrival. Dude starts shit in every thread he posts in.


Yea but it also takes two to tango. There’s a lot of condescending remarks made from a lot of people towards posts that are not needed.


I realize that and deleted it.

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Several of your posts were flagged for violating our community guidelines.

He goes by @spdking here. Stop using his personal name.

If he keeps it up the system will auto silence him for having too many flags


Indeed. And I don’t believe they should have been. He has made far more offensive comments that have been left untouched. And what was flagged was all in response to his rudeness.

Why push him tho? He isn’t even funny when pushed he is just combative and angry. That’s an exploit. Homi may be rude but fighting him will only make it worse. Honestly if you want him to change, pity him. Last thing people with big old egos want is pity.


Fair enough

@Future one of the places I provide peer support on is called “Drugs Forum” they have a user moderated model, one of the best ive ever seen. Essentially they created strict guidelines by which a post it to be measured and rated. All posts made are open for users to rate. Users can give from -x to +x (they use stars, each star has a value) and the rating a post receives is reflected in the profile of the user who made it.

Replies, can also be rated, and the values they receive are reflected in the profile of the user making them. Active users that create thoughtful, well made, and cited posts, get a lots of positive ratings that are reflected in thier status and profile, making it easy to spot good posts. Same is true in reverse, if the user is a habitual troll or posts erroneous information without proper citation, they get relegated into the basement, to be with the other trolls.

This community is perfect for that type of model, in my humble opinion.


Sounds like reddit.

I feal like this is reddit my girl is on reddit and I’m on future42k hhahaahhahaha


Agreeing with @flawlessfractions, moderators on reddit surely attribute to the success of that site and help maintain civility. Personally I can’t tolerate those that hide behind a handle, berating or “piling on” valued members like @Future due to an endorsement that was made with good intention, and then apologized repeatedly once an error was realized. This is just plain combative and a complete waste of everyone’s time and certainly non-productive to the mission of this site. I mean who wants to read the endless bashing of someone who has admitted their error and offered to improve the m.o. of the blog most of us enjoy? Have we not realized in this day and age how easy it is to be duped online and with the “friendly” labs? Focus on the mission to continuously improve this highly valued site with ideas and constructive frameworks upon which to build upon.


When did anyone drag future tho? True terps caught an amazing amount of the burn after future put his face on it. It this were totse, reddit or the chans he would still be catching flak till next year. There were two insults hurled at him. One was a poorly drawn meme, and the other was from someone with previous grievances.

To be honest, I think everyone dragging @spdking is a better example of your point. Even though he doesn’t apologize or learn from his points, we are all adults and can learn to just avoid him. Or @distil4real who legit left from bullying. Reading some of their older posts I can see that he was really smart but kinda rude. Same as summit.

I think if you see someone rude or angry,

For everyone involved


Valid point to not feed the trolls. Flagging is probably the appropriate response, I had been concerned the fake conversations taking place between fake accounts would mislead the unaware public, but if they can’t see it it can’t mislead them and I don’t have to spend so much time carefully wording a response.
(sigh of relief)


oh you mean the 4 or 5 fake t terpene shills