For Sale Extraction Equipment Bhogart 5lb Closed Extraction w/ Oven Recovery Pump 8 Honey Pots Southern California

For Sale Bhogart 5lb Closed Extraction Set Up with 2 Vacuum Ovens, Recovery Pump, 8 Modular Honey Pots, 4 Recovery Tanks and Liquid Nitrogen.

Liquid Nitrogen $2000
2 Vacuum Oven $2000 each
Recovery Pump $1400
5lb Closed Loop Extraction $3000
Modular Honey Pots, 8 available, $500 a piece
4 Recovery Tank 12 X 36 $1500 a piece

Is the pump available

Yes, everything in the listing is still available.

Hey I’m interested in a few things . Contact Alex @831-428 -6332