For sale Brand new Bizzybee FFE turn key $150k obo

Item Model/Manufacturer:Bizzy bee ethanol falling film
Description: brand new never uaedfull turn key set up with ancillary and pumps
Price/MSRP: $150000 OBO
Current location of item: okc
Estimated lead time: 0 Days
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty:

A company I’m working with has one of these they are trying to sell if anyone is interested feel free to reach out. I’ll be posting pictures here tomorrow whe I get on and take some

I hear bizzy can convert this to a bFFE pretty easily.

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What’s the difference between the ethanol and hydrocarbon FFE?

A Mol sieve and solvent column and something like 13-15k I think

Bumpity bump hearing all offers, possibly open for recovery chiller for a cls. Does include ancillary!
Pictures too


Hi! Is this still available?

I got one if u still need one

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New or used?