Flow Chemistry - CFRT Conference & Exhibition

NiTech Solutions’ founder and CSO Prof. Xiong-Wei Ni will be giving a speech at the CFRT Conference & Exhibition, which is taking place on 23rd October in Glasgow. If you would like to meet with Xiong-Wei or NiTech Solutions’ Director of Business Development George Butcher, please email sales@nitechsolutions.co.uk and they will get in touch.

Flow chemistry is cool. For those who don’t know what flow chemistry is on this forum

Chemistry is really mostly “batch” chemistry where you react reactants in a vessel and you get your reaction. Then you may start your next reaction in new glassware, ect. This requires cleaning, operator movement, monitoring, building and deconstructing apparatus mid process, ect.

Flow chemistry uses micro amounts of solute and solvent, usually in small ptfe tubes, pumped by various methods, through the reaction environments needed. For example the solvent and conditions are prepared, injected alongside reactant a and reactant b and instead of waiting for the chaos of a spin bar to allow collisions, the collisions happen more readily and quickly. The flow chemistry approach uses Teflon phase seperaters, filters, hot baths, cold baths, electric charge, and anything else a reaction might need but always in capillary to ptfe tube amounts.

DARPA is working on flow chemistry units hopefully the size of a cabinet that soldiers can feed it bottle a bag of reactants b and c and soldiers can chemically make medicine without chemistry knowledge as it would be a cartridge based system that literally just shits out pressed pill substance in areas where it would be difficult logistically to send sensitive medicines. Last talk I saw DARPA had been successful with smaller drugs like asprin and Tylenol via this type of system, I believe, although it was larger than expected and they were working on downsizing.

Fun stuff, wish I could attend. My cheap current company wouldn’t see any benefit in it for me to go to something not explicitly for hemp/cannabis currently.