Flooded badder

Im constantly seeing these cheap badders, What is this stuff cbd isolate mixed with d9? Or maybe cbd crumble mixed with d9? Ive bought some a few times unknowingly it gets you high but always has a strange after taste. any input would be appreciated

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stuff seems to be flooding the streets everywhere

Pics brah…

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stuff like this? LoL


Boof gang


na not like that im boutta put up a pic

Send some out to get tested.


Cause its just a step easier than blasting crude all day


i hear ya, i mainly just posted to see if anyone else knows whats good with it and how its made. defenitly some sort of cbd mixed with some d9

I make ir all the time and theres no cbd with in a 100 miles of me.

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so then what is it that u make? this isnt bho for sure lol

This again…


It for sure is bho, what else would it be


Cause only cbd makes badder i would almost put my shoes on to fuck with cbd. Ill sit on the couch in my underwear before that


it for sure isnt, actually just got word from the person that was trying to sell me the second one that its cbd crumble crushed up mixed with a little distillate​:joy::weary: idk about the first one


What’s this?

These might be the best expressions I’ve ever heard

I know a guy in rado who sent 70 lbs of those to the east coast. My guess is its crc first of all, second of all its definitely delta8 mixed in. Probably 60-70% delta 8 and around 20% D9. Only way to know is test it. But when its 1650-2k a lb in colorado how good could it be?

Jesus christ with all this fake adulterated shit, its so much easier to just do it right once. And no longevity in bad business. All the (c)rookie making it so much harder for the rest of us