Flexible GMP white label service for pump bottles, glass droppers, plastic dropper bottles, etc

We’re a manufacturing company in Kentucky that’s GMP compliant and set up for bulk mixing, formulating, and liquid bottling. Our facility was originally built for manufacturing e-liquid for our Om Vapors brand but a lot of the equipment can be used for other bottling purposes. With the uncertainty surrounding the vape industry we’d like to expand out and offer up our expertise to all the hempire builders out there.

GMP / Quality

  • We electronically track all incoming lots of materials, what products they go into, and keep COAs on file.
  • We have an ISO-6 grade clean booth that we can perform all mixing and compounding in.
  • We have an on-site analytical lab that can perform basic identity, purity, and concentration procedures.
  • All bottling is on an automated machine in a plexiglass enclosure, exposed parts of the line are in an ISO 7 enclosure.
  • No FDA complaints filed in 6 years of business with tens of thousands of repeat customers.
  • FDA registered facility
  • Hygiene protocols and protocols to prevent cross-contamination


  • We can process single batches of up to 115L low to high viscosity liquids (tinctures, e-liquid, topical spray, etc.) and have the machinery and tooling to process:

LDPE, HDPE, or PET 5 mL, 10 mL, 30 mL, and 100 mL dropper bottles
Boston round glass 2 oz and 4 oz with a 20/410 cap size
Pump spray bottles 2 oz and 4 oz with a 20/410 cap size

  • 500k bottles / month capacity

  • We have 2 digital label presses to print full color glossy labels on paper, vinyl, metallic PP, or PP in-house. They aren’t as high quality as what a screen-printed label can provide (i.e. no metallic ink, white ink, partial glossy, or lamination) but they get the job done at a fraction of the cost and remove lead times for labels.

  • In-house nitrogen generation for material transfers, inert atmosphere storage, and bottle headspace filling. We also have quite a bit of commercial fridge space open for storage of any heat sensitive compounds.

We’d like to work with anyone regardless of where they are in the supply chain. We have some experience formulating e-liquids and tinctures from cannabinoids if you’re not familiar with the methodologies involved with that. We can source any materials you need or we can use materials that you provide. We currently hold a hemp handlers permit in KY so we have some flexibility with hemp materials that we can receive.

For White labelers

We’re set up specifically for putting large amounts of liquid into tiny bottles and we can do it very efficiently - if you contract this out or do it in house on a small set-up, consider talking to us about co-packaging and we may be able to take some work off your hands and save you money.

For extractors

We can take your hemp-derived cannabinoid and formulate tinctures or e-liquids and offer some of the best pricing on white-labeling. We can make e-liquid that’s stable with CBD concentrations of 100+ mg/mL for pod systems and we only need a few parts (heated pumps, hoppers) to be able to fill distillate.

We’ll give full disclosure on any formulations we make for you - it seems dumb to not want to know exactly what’s in your own product or why it’s there.

We can source the other materials (bottles, diluents, flavorings) or use yours - as long as you have a GMP compliant supply chain.

For anyone

We’re in KY and you’re on this forum, so sourcing CBD for you shouldn’t be an issue.

We have relationships with a lot of chemical and bottle suppliers that saves us on materials if you need anything else sourced for you.

We have an in-house graphics design team that can help you with your label design.

Pricing will vary depending on what product you’re making, what materials we’re using, and what quantity you’re buying but expect to only pay a few dollars per bottle in costs with plenty of room for profit margins.

We will need to do an MOQ of at least 1,000 units since we need to re-tool our machinery but we can try to be flexible on that if we have multiple people who want a product in the same bottle type. We can definitely lower that MOQ for plastic dropper bottles since that’s what our machinery is usually tooled for 99% of the time (25-50 bottles would be doable).

Lead times can be anywhere from a few days up to 4-8 weeks, depending on the product and whether we need to source materials for you.

Let us know if you’re interested and shoot us a DM - we’d love to talk. Locals are always welcome to come out and visit us, as well (mask required).