Flash freeze vs dry ice sleave or chiller

Merry Christmas to all,
So I’ve heard from two people recently that have told me the are not using chillers or dry ice sleeves they claim to be injecting at thy he bottom of the tube frozen gas that goes threw 100’ of cold slowly, they say put in 5 pounds or so then turn my pump on to vac from the top sticking the frozen gas threw the material " flash freezing" it then vacumb down to negative and start your run. Now they say they are using material with out freezing it at all prior to the " flash freeze". They claim very good dewax comes from this and they are only making shatter my question is will it be dewxed enough to make diamonds in jars I am having good results with dry Ice sleeve but this way seems less spendy and more efficiant. If any one has any info on this please.let me know thanks.


Any one heard of doing it this way

Flash freezing the material with gas instead of using a chiller or dry ice sleeve to freeze the column

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