Flash Extraction - extract/distill all in one step?????

Got an email about “Flash Extraction” the other day…
Is this legit/viable??

Says they use no solvents, just hot air to activate, evaporate, and condense the cannabinoids straight from the plant…

Not sure how you could extract with hot ass air and still have “superior flavor” lol

What do you guys think?

Flash Extraction Overview.pdf (4.7 MB)

“Confidential - Do not distribute” lol
I wonder what working examples they have in field operation.


I’ve talked with people working on “vape extraction” techniques. It has promise, not sure on the efficiency though. The real potential is in CBG vapor extraction, since it has so low of an evap point compared to THC and CBD.


I have seen attempts with steam and microwave, non of which worked. There’s too many volatiles to ever get low enough vacuum,.

Think of crude, to get it to boil without deterping you have to hit like 240-250 on a mantle to get stuff over and it’s dark. Now think about all the polars left in the material adding even more vapor pressure to the system. You’d have to have very very very large vacuums to make it happen


Yeah I could see it being more viable on crude, but that’s just pretty much SPD/WF at that point…
So many variables in the plant material, I just can’t picture this being efficient/effective.

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Is this Vapor Distilled?

They’re doing some interesting stuff for sure.

I recall their lead extraction tech was an active member at one point… :thinking: @VaporDistilled ?

I believe its microwave assisted vacuum distillation which heats material to precise boiling point of targeted cannabinoid and collects the vapors as they are released.

A similar tech is also used in oil & gas industry.


Yup. I wonder if IR would be effective for heating?

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Oh shit, I just now saw that lol. oops.

@downtheterphole you ever finish your project on this?

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My question is, at what point does vapor become non condensable?

vapor is non condensable when it is too hot or the pressure is too low.

solvent is more gentle than this process.

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