Flash Chromatography

So I’m currently running a Biotage flash system for THC remediation from my crude extract. Using an EtOH/H20 step gradient for the method.
My issue is time it is taking to remove the EtOH/H20 from the CBD fractions at the end. Its killing my cost per kilo.
So I’m looking for work arounds. How effective would a wash of the CBD fraction with heptanes or similar hyrdocarbons be at removing Cannabinoids from the EtOH/H2O fraction be?

Have you tried washing with isopropyl? Just do it between ethanol runs to clean the column, and you can collect the isopropyl-heavy mother liquor after if you like.

You could always lyophilize off the water.

If you add water… will the cannabinoids not crash out as insoluble?