First timer. Winterization

So, I’ve been smoking cartridges(ccell) made by me, with wax liquidizer and some pretty bad quality wax(for which I payed 50 euros/gr). I want to step up my game, the problem is that I am constrained by my budget(1000€). I want to buy a rosin press and some 25 micron bags, to press hash and make my own rosin. At this point, half of my budget it’s out the door. Next step would be mixing the wax with 96% methanol, put in the freezer for 24 hours or more, right? Using a filtering flask+buchner funnel+1 micron paper filter+ vacuum pump. I hope I got this right untill here. For the final step I want to use a hotplate with a magnetic stirrer ( cheapest one 60€) heats up to 70 c° at least that’s what it says in description of product. Do you believe this will be enough to evaporate all the methanol or should I scratch this and go for a silicone heating pad and a vacuum chamber? Thank you for taking the time to read this. I’m not looking for top quality, just to get a decent cartdrige that doesn’t get black towards the end and keeps it’s flavor.

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First important isseu what E cig or vaporizer do You use ?

Normal freezer -18C 48 to 72 hours winterize

Methanol is easely found in > 99%
IT is ethanol that most comonly is found in 96 %

If No vacuum is used either methanol or ethanol are hard to purge
So vac chamber alone and heating prior to putting in vac chamber also Gives good purging results

Don’t use methanol - keep it food grade. Unless you have a scientific pump and vacuum chamber to purge all the methanol, I would not put that shit in ur body. Working with it also presents issues - @Photon_noir can go into specific detail.

I would dissolve your wax in ethanol 8:1 or 10:1 and stick into the freezer. Strain out the fats through coffee filter, then back in the freezer. Do this several times over the course of a few days.

Next, you will need to boil off the alcohol - you can do this with a cheap water distiller from Amazon or a mini-still. Note that your oil will still retain an alcoholy bitter taste to it unless you have the scientific equipment nessisary to subject it to high vacuum and purge properly.


I’m using ccell palm and ccell th210

I am not known with Rosin teck
An other approach would be ethanol and dry ice way cheaper probably same If not better returns

I would like to do it with a vacuum chamber and vacuum pump, I don’t want to do high quantities, maybe 20 gr of material. How many cfm should the vacuum pump pull?

Thank you.

EAny singel or two stage pump should do cfm is not an isseu at those vapor quantaties [quote=“newbie1, post:9, topic:6824”]

start with a hair straightener…

seriously. I saw 40lb of weed processed that way.

admittedly he made bubble hash, then used a freeze dryer, before getting to squish, but he insisted that he had more control with a hair straightener!!

it was done for commercial purposes, and was a complete bust. but it made good dabs. without using solvent.

you can certainly squish your way through an oz in no time.

why would you squish, and then use methanol?
is food grade 190proof ethanol available to you?

the black towards the end may be the cart, not the extract.

Do you have any sort of temperature control on the device you’re huffing on? it helps immensely.

I tried with the hair straightener, I want to go up a step. The one I want to get is “rosin tech smash”. I managed to find some 99% bioethanol. And I’m 100 sure the black towards the is because of the waxes and lipids, because of the poor quality the wax has.