First time thc vape carts

Hello, today was my first day making thc vape carts. I had 50 grams of distillate. I added 5% terps and 20% mct oil. I did it step by step. But when I’m finished the color is very very faint in the carts And not clear. Cloudy kinda. Is there anything you all could suggest I did wrong?


20% mct should be zero


Why 0? Everyone else uses it that I know and they’re carts look fine

“Everyone else is doing it…”


is there several years of empirical data on the safety of inhaled mct? at least none whatsoever that ive found on pubmed last i checked. I am not saying that distillate or terps are safe either, but these compounds are already present in cannabis. Why introduce potentially dangerous additives to your carts? All you are doing is potentially hurting yourself and/or customers just to save a few dollars.


What should I be using then? And it still doesn’t solve my problem of my color. I’ve literally followed other people’s recipe that use mct and theirs look good

I read on some forums that I may over heat it? I let the hot plate stay at 150F. Is that to much? Would that make it discolor and cloud up?

distillate and terpenes. Thats what goes in a distillate cart


@tenhemp Has this 100% correct! There is absolutely no need to add any other thinning agents to a cart…+1 for: “The only thing that should go in carts is distillate and terpenes“

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I’m ignorant lol. I’ll know for next time. Thanks you all

No worries, please though, don’t use any cuts.