First Time Short Path Operator



My Question: I have a lb. of BHO from my CLS, a 2L Short Path with an upgraded head. Currently 1/2 lb is loaded into my boiling flask, Should I run this 1/2 and then the other half for a second batch? Or just add the other half to the flask now and run it all in the same batch?

I know I will get to the bottom of this one way or another, but I was hoping to get some advice from another short path operator. Thanks In Advance! You guys are awesome!


Take my advice with a grain of salt i have yet to run a SPD but In my extensive reading I’ve seen that around 400 ml-800 ml(half pound is roughly 440 ml) is optimal but you can run up to 1100 ml-1200 ml but i’m sure someone else with more experience will chime in for you


I was told a minimum of 1000ml of decarbed bho
If you run the whole pound, after decarb you will likely have 350ml
The least ive ran was like 560 grams of decarbed which started as almost 900 grams of not decarbed bho

Last run i had 780 grams which before decarb was aprox 1000grams


What is your decarb process if you dont ming me asking? Obviously there are many ways…


I do it in the roto vap 87c for an hour or so.120 rpm
Then i start out slow on the shortpath to insure it doesnt get violent, ive only ran it twice but both times that worked great…


Yeah I hope to get an experienced operators advice, but I appreciate the response… As I have yet to operate mine, I am also inexperienced in this area of concentration- although I understand that a 1ml is about equal to 1g of crude bho, I am encouraging corrections if I am wrong about that…


For a 2L short path, you can start with anywhere from 100g to 1000g of decarbed, winterized oil. The whole “boiling flask must be half full” idea is outdated.


why do you use a roto for the de-carb? are you collecting solvent simultaneously? I’m just curious, possibly ignorant as well.


Do you de-wax or winterize? It seems like you lost a lot during your decarb


Thank You


You and @Cryo13 say you must use decarbed bho… Why do you need to decarb first? I know the risk of boiling over is higher, any other reasons? What is your decarb method?


I decarb in a pyrex tray in a vacuum oven at 110C for about an hour. It probably isnt fully decarbed at this point, but the goal with decarbing is to make the beginning of the distillation easier. It is possible to do the whole decarb in the boiling flask, but it can get VERY violent, and if it pulls all the way up into the distillation head, you are going to have a bad time. I would suggest to partially decarb (how I did) and then put it into the boiling flask. before you turn your mantle on, turn your vacuum on for a minute or two to get the vacuum depth down low, then turn on the mantle and start adding heat. The strong vacuum will help to pop all the bubble that form from decarbing.


if It’s your first time run half and half that way you take notes and know what to expect then run both firstbpss together if second pass is needed or desired


Yes i also winterized, my bad i left that part out,
So yes i was initially removing solvent then i began decarb in there also


Why not decarb in the bf in the mantle, then set thenrest of the glass up and run it?


Not a bad idea at all, just depends on if you have the time