First time oil user

My good friend and care giver on my original OMMP card always abstained from cannabis products even though around me intimately as a care giver when I was wheel chair bound and needed another human to help me go potty and such.

She had always had her prescriptions and she is one of those long distance runner types who uses the excersize as relief too. Her problem is a runners problem and age is telling the runners tale. She has had to cut out her favorite drug, running, because of wear on the joints. So after now years of knowing her she finally texted me thst she had tried dry flower in a water pipe and liked the relief. I gifted her a bit of the D8 I was gifted and she said it immediately provided relaxation but she sounded like she needed more and I offered.

My friend for the first time since I have known her and after she has watched pounds likely get used by me for these years came over and had some dabs with me. Her second go to at cannabis so I dabbed some clear myself, took a hit and passed it off. I instructed her to only inhale a half breath and then we would wait. This is super duper potent stuff to be starting with and I was glad to be cautious. A tiny puff and she said, “I really don’t feel anything.” Then her speech started sounding a bit odd and she said, “I think this stuff makes my mouth dry. Really dry.”

Lolz I got her some water and a ginger chew. They give out these chews in chemo to help the tummy and they really make the mouth water. I saw a calm smile come over her face and we both shared the couch with her having my two dogs on her lap and enjoying it all. She walks my dogs for me when I cannot. It was like having a family lol and she began laughing and such. My own plight medically has had her crying and upset a bit and what a relief to see my old friend back and relaxing.

Score one for the good folks here. I am so glad I was able to help her. She mentioned how intimidating stuff like my bong was to her given that she never had used one or been shown how they work before. She also mentioned her friend who shared the flower kept urging her to puff more. I explained this is common for folks to want you to enjoy the high but to stay on course and only take very small hits and wait at least a half hour to see how it works. She got some very pure med and careful instructions and I’m glad to say she just texted me and told me how good the feeling was. Lol she apparently went home and engaged in housework and other things she liked while my old bones napped.

The take away here is my worries that potent D9 was innapropriate for a new user are unfounded. I took precautions for my friend and had a quiet couch with blankets and pooches next to my grandfather clock which is a very calm and cool spot to hang out and puff. Just one half hit of D9 and my friend who has been down about no running had her spirits lifted and a great first experience after an initial plunge into smoking it once as flower.

She and I are both in our 50s and both deal with disability. What a treat to see a peer decide to engage in recreational use and have such a good first experience. No signs of Reefer Madness yet… :crazy_face:

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