First time making diamonds just trying to see if I’m doing it right

I tried making diamonds for the first time and I think I did it right. Im jus trying to get reassurance and some insight if I did it wrong on what I need to do next time to do it correctly

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Hi - Welcome. No one can tell you if you are doing it right if you aren’t also describing your method of production. Please provide details with regard to your process steps.


I followed the otss tek and jus took it out of the cryo stage. I am letting it sit now for 2 hours at room temp. Here a better photo

Lid blew off but I recapped it with new cap. I guess my solvent level was to high. Will diamonds still form?

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You had way too much solvent i think the 1/3 and cap can mess you *up if its a smaller run

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My bad I ran out of replies lol, but it definitely was a smaller run. I was just tryna get my feet wet with the otss tek. I think I got it figured out now tho on when to cap it.


I did the exact same thing as uou 1st time you will not grow “diamonds” but you will grow crystals* by that i mean sugar …maybe add some heat to it to build up a little pressure back maybe someone else can chime in

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Already in the oven pressure is good lid dented out a little but not leaking. Yu can’t press down on it, and yea I kinda figured I wouldn’t get huge growth with such a small run. Just wanted to get crystal growth before I did a bigger batch :raised_hands:

And was jus tryna see if I was on the right track

You could have got some crystals woth you run you did but with the lud blowing off i think it agitated with will result in grainy sugar crystals opposed to “diamonds”

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I’ll see in 2 weeks what I get and post it and take pics at the 7 day mark also


Have any luck mate

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Did it work or just crystalize?

Goal was crystals…

What brings you to a four year old post @ZCRAZED1?

Looking for anything in particular?

hints to up your neglect tek?

Apparently works with male syrup too…

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I’m unfamiliar with the term neglect tek.
I’m new to this site and reading a lot. I stumbled upon this thread when looking up crystalization procedures. The only crystallization I have done so far is putting part of a run into a few pint mason jars and letting it sit for months and ended up making a slightly better than sugar texture but not quite proper diamonds. I am just now embarking on figuring out crystallization. I subscribed to the BVV University with their $35 a year discount. That enlightened me to the basic concept of crystallization. I always thought this was an insanely complicated concept. It turns out it’s basic precipitation from super saturation. I have no knowledge of optimal pressure caused by heat or any other method. Just trying to learn something new. I’ve been doing extraction for a few years now with a CLS that I built. I would definitely like to learn crystalization so I am on here researching. What exactly does maple syrup do in a solution?
Also I’ve read that someone had used all of their replies. If for any reason I do not answer it is only because I am unable to. Does this site really limit how much a person can post?

Cyclopath, I have read many if your posts and you seem very knowledgeable. You are definitely one that when I see your name on a post I think, I’ll read what this person has to say. This individual knows more than most. So, thank you for all your insight and dispensed knowledge. It is extremely appreciated.

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only till you act like a human and not a bot…

which is why a link was provided…

from a super-saturated solution, the sugar precipitates…but you know that. so what are you actually asking?

lots to read on the subject around this place…

edit: …and this place runs on discourse, see Understanding Discourse Trust Levels to understand “out of replies”.

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Somehow I completely missed the fact that that was a hyperlink. Much appreciated!

When you posted the maple syrup I honestly wasn’t sure if you were joking about using it in an extract solution or if you were serious. Lol. I was asking if you were serious.

There is absolutely a wealth of knowledge here, I will be reading for a very long time. I had joined a year ago and read a post or two about CRC configurations when I was building one. That helped clarify quite a lot. I look forward to learning as much as possible from all the knowledgeable people here.

I truly appreciate all the knowledge everyone dispenses here.

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neglect tek: put it in a jar and forget about it. ==> CRYSTALS!!

same thing happens to a jar of maple syrup…that’s a screen capture of a video shared by one of my lab mates this morning. because:Maple Syrup Diamonds!!

something many miss…learning to how to crystalize does NOT require wasting lots of cannabinoids. a) you can use the same ones over and over. b) the concepts and techniques can all be learned without touching cannabis…which will make manipulating crystal growth much more straight forward when you add butane to the equation.

That is very true, a friend that has a background in things that are not THC related explained how he makes rock candy and many other aspects of crystallization. Somehow I did not put it together that these different solutions are the same or similar actions, and lack actions, neglect tek. Lol.
I read that term and I honestly couldn’t figure why anything would be called that, it makes perfect sense now.
Thanks for all the help.
I’m learning and that what I’m here for.

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