First time making diamonds just trying to see if I’m doing it right


I tried making diamonds for the first time and I think I did it right. Im jus trying to get reassurance and some insight if I did it wrong on what I need to do next time to do it correctly

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Hi - Welcome. No one can tell you if you are doing it right if you aren’t also describing your method of production. Please provide details with regard to your process steps.



I followed the otss tek and jus took it out of the cryo stage. I am letting it sit now for 2 hours at room temp. Here a better photo



Lid blew off but I recapped it with new cap. I guess my solvent level was to high. Will diamonds still form?

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You had way too much solvent i think the 1/3 and cap can mess you *up if its a smaller run

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My bad I ran out of replies lol, but it definitely was a smaller run. I was just tryna get my feet wet with the otss tek. I think I got it figured out now tho on when to cap it.



I did the exact same thing as uou 1st time you will not grow “diamonds” but you will grow crystals* by that i mean sugar …maybe add some heat to it to build up a little pressure back maybe someone else can chime in

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Already in the oven pressure is good lid dented out a little but not leaking. Yu can’t press down on it, and yea I kinda figured I wouldn’t get huge growth with such a small run. Just wanted to get crystal growth before I did a bigger batch :raised_hands:



And was jus tryna see if I was on the right track



You could have got some crystals woth you run you did but with the lud blowing off i think it agitated with will result in grainy sugar crystals opposed to “diamonds”



I’ll see in 2 weeks what I get and post it and take pics at the 7 day mark also



Have any luck mate