First run and this happens

So first run to day and this happens

after this everything whet wrong

Who is the manufacturer of your head?

Looks like some glass was not properly annealed.

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Bummer man
That spot gets pretty hot so epoxy will probably not hold
You can always ask a glas blower that fixes labglass to have a look at it and
See what he recomends

Why is there Teflon tape ?

I was gonna ask the same, it looks very thick.

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Most likely the cause of it breaking I’d say


:cry: That hurts to look at. What manufacturer? You might be able to get a replacement.

Get a new head from @david

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The tape was put in after it broke the head probe wouldn’t fit anymore

I second going through @david
He’s the man

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Think we worked out wer extra pressure come from stir bar exploded

Fuckkk…important thing is everyone is ok? Glass can be replaced…fingers and eyes, not so much.

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Yh all good just a smoked out set up stinking of burnt plastic

Yh all good just smoked out setup stinking of burnt plastic

Got a pic of the stir bar? Was it flat or football shaped

Bar style Na it was compltey gone in pieces

Grab a football shaped one they fit the flask mo betta