FIRST LOOK | Cart Filler of the FUTURE (Videos in Link)

Our team has partnered with our buddies at DAS to bring this community a cart filler like they have never seen before. This beast was engineered and manufactured in the Motor City. It fills and caps 1,700 carts an hour!

For more videos and to inquire please email


Price tag?

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The videos are awesome…that thing is insane…

whats the cost and how many people is needed for 2000 carts per hour??

Do you know what would be really impressive/??? I would love to see the 2000 carts per hour performed on unprepped carts??? even more impressive if you can show the time lapse showing the actual output from some carts all boxed up.

This would be filling and capping 100 carts per 3 mins with removal of carts and restocking the jig and the whole nine. Plus filling the carts. id like to see the 2000 carts filled in an hour…that would be an impressive sales pitch…


Only one operator to fill and cap. Individual boxing would require an additional person. We have started working with suppliers for prepackaged 100 packs that can go straight on the robot and in the capper. Once we adapt positive displacement valve we can ramp to 2000 no problem.

More videos and official launch to come… for pricing please email.

Can you please just share here? Thanks!


sounds a little proprietory…all the videos showed them in metal cart jigs. Your suppliers are prepacking 100 packs in metal jigs?? or the carts have a way of going into the metal jig easier?? im just trying to add up all the seconds here as 2000 carts per hour is splitting second on a procedure.

how long does the machine actually take to fill 100 carts in seconds? like first cart to last cart?

Around 70k few component upgrades are not price finalized yet.

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First cart to last cart with the current valve is 3 mins 40 Seconds.

my math says thats not 2000 carts per hour. nor with any prep or cart to jig time then to capper time… so more like 100 carts capped in 5 mins. so more like 1200 carts per hour??? just checking the claim first

even at 3:40 i dont even get 1700 carts now that the claim has lowered. Im getting 1630 carts with absolutely no capping prep nothing… for 70K?

im sorry for disecting the claim but its a common problem in our industry when companies state an output and it dont come close to the numbers…just look at summits thermodynamic breaking rotovap.


Make it easy and upload a video

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@Killa12345 filling 100 carts in a minute isn’t so hard

Capping this particular cart takes about 1min 45sec / 100pcs so capping Is really the bottleneck

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Luckily for us we have been running the filling robot far from full speed and have only tuned it for accuracy it’s well within reason for us to even exceed the claim we made which was with contingencies included we agree with your statement about exaggerated claims in this industry but rest assured, we would never make a claim without the equipment to back it up and will take on all the criticism available to help improve the product wherever necessary.

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What’s the repeatability? .01? .1? Tray style filling machines are notorious for being in consistent.

Also the 70k price tag is crazy high. I could get a @VapeJet and a cart farmer from @qma and still have $45k left over to take the both of them to the Bahamas with me


I’m fucking dead!!! to good! your definitely filling that Mr. Wonderful roll that’s for sure!

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Well you sorta did origanally with filled and capped 2000 carts. now lowered it to 1700 which still says filled and capped. Just trying to help.

meet ya there…you can take $50 day cruises there from here!

This place is sooo rough for new vendors. @VlasicLabs i wish you nothing but success on your super filler. @Extractionguy will be extremely happy as it has a robot arm! He loves robots! This is right down his alley!


Capping on ours takes about 10 seconds for 100 carts.

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Hell, in this imaginary scenario I’d pay for your trip too with the money I’d save.

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Vape Jet seems to make a fine product, we are just looking to truly eliminate any user error while also drastically decreasing the necessary man hours that our clients with six-figure/month cartridge contacts have had to navigate around. We do understand that this magnitude of machine isn’t for everyone but for the ones looking to truly maximize thru-put and minimize headache I would strongly suggest they go for a long-term solution such as this.