Finished Product Formulation Help & Whitelabel


Name: Kylan Caffee
Company Name: Steve’s Goods
Contact Info: Cell: (970)420-8186 Email :
Location: Colorado
Team Size: 15

Hey Future4200 fam, I have been getting a lot of requests recently asking about all the services I have to offer. I know there are a ton of extractors on this website and I am certainly not the most qualified so I’m not even going to attempt to say that I can offer consulting services for that aside from the fact that pretty much everything you need to know is on this site somewhere. I can however help people with their product formulations as I have done just about all of the formulations we have for Steve’s goods and if I say so myself we make some damn good products. We do some custom flavors for a few companies and are happy to do that as well. Let me help you build your brand!

Services Offered:

  • White label (get our products shipped without labels so that you can apply your own)
  • Private Label (We design, print and apply all of your labels for any products we offer)
  • Farmer consulting
  • SEO and Business development services
  • Seed to sale wholesale & retail sales
  • Affiliate programs creation for businesses
  • Product Formulation consulting and help

States Available in: Global
Insured?: Yes

You can also contact @oliver_crisppp for help. He has a wealth of knowledge seeing as he has been here from the beginning as well

Private Label Link: