Filters for state licensed facilities ?

I was curious what everyone uses as a filter for the base of your extractor. Currently using small micron SS filters however on a rare occasion we are still getting small bits of weed still in our extract.

I tried using these , and the butane hardly wants to flow into my base and if there is any salts or residue it becomes clogged instantly even when using nitrogen.

Curious to see what everyone else is using, thanks in advance !

Do you have any pictures of your extractor? Are you staging any filter plates before the 5 micron sinistered discs?


This particular system is an OSS . I do have filter plates at the bottom of the columns. Getting Corning woven glass right now to put above the filters going into the base

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Strange. I use filter stacks and stage from 20-25 micron to 1-3 micron and I don’t get them clogged. I use paper filters from XD


What do you mean when you say this?

Yeah I think he referred to it making slow which is normal right…it definitely slows me down even staged, my filters always clean

But freezing everything in column and leaving fats behind will help if clogging…

If filters are clean that’s just how slow it takes to pull through…think buchner funnel…it’s slow

What psi do u push w?
And are you pulling vac to help pull too before running?

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Well first of all I extract at -70c so I think that may be part of it. I use about 30psi with nitrogen to push and I vac down everything prior to extracting .

Right but still…that’s why I asked to eliminate things… If your running that cold you should have almost clean filters …

I would check for leaks and everything otherwise… That’s the nature squeezing solvent through solid paper or solid screen almost…5um tiny…

But injected 4lbs reading low on IR…10psi boost w vapor tank…through coffee filters, 20-25um then 2-4um…5-10min wide open

How tight did you pack the next question, you get out the car Jack on live?

How are you filtering before you get to that 5 micron filter. If you not filtering out the courser stuff first with like a 25 micron then going down to a 10 micron. Then finally to a 5 then yes it’s gonna plug.

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I run so cold idk…

5x Unbleach Coffee on top one these 20-25…then 2-4 shit flying…filter plate and ring set that I put inside the bvv filter plate that tried clamps on

I was shocked bc lately they been as almost as white as they go in!

Blew through so fast I didn’t mean to open up all way…I actually asked somebody earlier when u was busy should I reblast was so fast


That’s my issue then I need to use more pre filters . Thank you guys for the responses !!

I use socks so it doesn’t get packed very tight . I also should have specified this is mainly with live resin that I get the issue with dry material it doesn’t seem to happen


Do u prefreeze the material in dry ice before crushing and loading…then refreeze w dry ice sleeve…
My live almost loads up like dry material
Or freeze packed column under vac for day or so or in dry ice cooler


I use a ULT freezer set to -86c . Material is frozen , crushed , put in a sock and re frozen prior to running


Are you running straight into the collection pot and “dewaxing” as it’s extremely cold with the frozen material or into a secondary chamber to dewax? You can use more pressure than 30psi. I charge my tank to 50psi for my runs. Are you pulling vac on the column before freezing, if not are you putting the lid and filters on before freezer, or just the column and attaching the accessories after?

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Edit whoops got confused

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I run straight into the collection pot yes . Everything is under vacuum to confirm no leaks . Then I pack the sock and put the column under vaccum again prior to starting the extraction . Then it goes from column to collection pot . Based on what everyone said I believe my issue is not using bigger pre filters leading up to the small micro ones .

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I think I meant to ask if you were pulling a vac on the column and then putting it in the freezer. Taking it out attaching hoses, pulling quick vac on them. Injecting with equally cold solvent keeping everything as close to - 80 the whole time?

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But, ya, get another stack or you can use a ring with a plate to double filter in one stack, if that’d work? Too bad BVV doesn’t have different sizes. It’d be cool to go 25/5/<1

Yup that’s exactly what I’m doing !

What about woven glass as a pre filter ? Just ordered some Pyrex woven glass and thinking of using that prior to the SS micro filters