Filtering question for BHO

I’m wondering what else I can use to make my bho solution lighter before I run in the rotovap. I’m currently using celite 545 and activated charcoal and then mixing activated charcoal with solution and re running thru the celite and activated charcoal. Please help

Activated bleaching earth works great, a brand most people around here have been using is oil-dri and the product is B-80. A buddy of mine sells it on eBay as well, it’s the best stuff I’ve personally used compared to anything else.


Thanks I will try it out

Do I mix it with the celite or do I make a different cake on top of celite ?

cake on top.
check out the crc thread for more information on ratios and mixes.

Hello RotoWonder, we carry lenticular carbon modules, so if the idea of doing away with the powder and the backside issues of dealing with lose material, this might be something to consider. We keep in stock (both modules and hardware). Let us know if we can help. Thanks, Greg Carlson-Carlent-CarboPlus-New.pdf (1.3 MB)