Fem CBD seed for sale. As low as $.30

Having our “pre-season” sale on BaOx fem seed. 100mil+ available.

As low as $.30 per seed on orders of 100k or more.


www.cbdseedco.com is the site for the farming side of our company. We are a large fully vertically integrated CBD manufacturer and you can find out more about us as a whole at www.hempdepotco.com

A short article about us that came out today.

Actually came out a couple days ago. Just saw it today.

I like the price drop, but was this an actual article or a press release?

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“Hemp Depot has developed a new process that is innovative and proprietary, which is used to create high volumes of feminized CBD seeds.”

Care to elaborate on this new process?

And is that process the reason the seeds are only 98% female? It should be more like 99.99%

Per Ben Holmes, breeder of BaOx (pronounced Box) and Otto 2, Hemp Depot never fulfilled their contracts. He vented in a post on his facebook and blog, but since deleted it… understandable, considering the new arrangement with FRB. So yea, evidently he is partnered with Front Range Biosciences now… go Ben! Also notable, FRB is also the one of two licensed US producers for the Panakeia CBG with 0.00% THC from Spain


I don’t have anything to do with the actual farming so I couldn’t say what that process is. Even if I did know, any information about a proprietary process would probably require a consultation fee.

As far as the % female goes, I couldn’t say. That goes back to me not having anything to do with the farming side so I can only work with the information I’m given. I have a snapshot of the sex testing but have asked for the whole thing. Will post it when I get it.

I can’t speak on why there was a falling out between Ben and Andy (one of the founders of Hemp Depot) but I have been told Andy is part owner of Centennial Seed as well. I have seen more than one of Ben’s “posts”, and he doesn’t sound like the most reliable source of information, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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Really sorry to hear about the falling out, it sounds like Ben and Andy are both very nice people with truly unique backgrounds. Hopefully, they can both crush it from separate sides of the game, and we can see more strains like BaOx and Otto 2… good luck Ben and Andy!

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