Felt like sharing (gummy/thc liquid)

For those who are not quite yet on a commerical scale I thought I would share some methods ive been successful with in the past
Gelatin base candy
For gummy bears Ive found using silicone molds and premade bears (using factory seconds cuts down on overhead 35# can be had for $15 or less sometimes)
First figure out how many gummy candy need to be in each ce of your mold so that when melted in a low temp oven (170 preheat turn of oven before insertion)
Next portion the gummies and in a glass boston round 100ml put 190 proof ethanol and noids at ratio fitting your needs
Warm on hot plate until all is melted
Now comes the fun part nearly all non pharma sprayers will vary in dose according to actuation distance and the internals so you will have to do a few test. I just sprayed the cells of one mold with my noids and learned it would deposit x amount with a 6-7% error rate for goal dosage by evaporating ethanol and weighing the contents of each cell.
When preparing to spray I dont wait for gummys molds to be fully melted as its easier to mix in the next step.
On parchment paper on baking sheet pans arrange molds and do your spraying. Now if you want you can melt and stir the cells individually or just melt them and let cool and remove from molds. (Yes there is some variance in dose but this is home brew yall)
Generally I put the gummys in a mixture of sugar and anhydrous citric acid to fully dry and the coating does well as long as the moisture content is low.
One combo thats popular is candy coated sugar gummy ropes aka n3rd ropes. Use nerds instead of sugar and use a mold for water bottle ice for the ropes.

For liquid thc lean… get a drill with a prop attachment or an stick blender… probably will work well with a vitamix too since those heat.
Using ethanol dissolve noids and set aside
Using glucose syrup and flavorings create a mix in which ever device you choose. I use a large stock put.
Heat mixture to 200f and add small amount of liquid sunflower lecithin and blend until you are sure its mixed. Lower temp to 180f and in your ethanol mixture add a small amount of mct oil or another inert oil if you choose… preferably a thin liquid that doesnt setup when cold… long chain molecules i believe. Now while mixing full boar slowly pour in noid ethanol mixture. Once all is in continue to mix for as long as you can… i usually do 20-30 mins… remove from heat and continue to mix until roomtemp … bottle
The objective here is to make a colloid when you pour the syrup. You can make a syrup with out an oil do this but those usually have to be mixed with a sugary drink. With this one i dont have trouble making it in unsweetened beverages. You know its working properly when you mix the liquid and beverage that it becomes cloudy.
Thats all if you have anything constructive to add please share.
Thank you for reading and good luck!
(Ratios for syrup usually 1 part mct to 200 parts corn syrup 1 part lecithin to 200 parts corn syrup (less maybe?) And flavoring at strength recommend vy manufacture. I use loranns typically.


Looks decent.
Have any photos to share of your final products?

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No unfortunately currently we are on hold due to some nefarious persons actions.

What is the ratio you suggest of sugar to citric acid for the coating?

I use about 1 part citric acid to 5 parts castor sugar or else its really really tart lol

What glucose syrup do you prefer vegetable glycerine or corn syrup?

What brand flavoring did you use?

Did you color your syrups at all?

Going to give this a try next week and see how she runs.

Having issues with mct oil syrups flavoring not mixing in and now color same issue.

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Any packaging for $

Can you not spam a bunch of topics with the same question

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first reasonable hit looks like: Packaging For Edibles

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Mayb he tried the gummies lol.

I havnt tried sugar coating my gummies yet. Iv seen some suggestions on citric and sugar. That ratio seems higher than what iv seen . i herd or read that too much citric will eat the gummie and make texture weird.
The diamond delight edible video showed steaming the gummie .not too much tho. And rolling in the sugar to stick?
If im not reading correctly lol he is recommending rolling in sugar before completley dry?.

Why did u not mix noids into melted gummies rather than spray them? Just asking? I mix mine but i know lots of ppl spray. ?