Feeler: Director of Analytical Chemistry for Cannabis Testing Lab

Hello all,

My business partners have decided to throw our hats into the ring and work towards opening a Cannabis Testing Lab in New York State. As it sits today, we are still in the discovery phase of our venture and are putting out feelers in a number of directions as this project takes shape.

We have fully realized the seven-figure costs of building out such an operation. It’s come to our attention that we should look for a candidate who can further aid our success throughout this project, and is in “for the ride”. We have a strong compensation package in mind for the right candidate.

Our ideal candidate:
Developing testing methods and ability to run ICP-MS, GCMS, LCMS, HPLC, MS/MS, HPLC DAD etc…
Laboratory management
Ability to operate under tight New York regulations
Manage a team of Analytical Chemistry students/graduates
Pass an FBI background check
Accredited Analytical Chemistry background
Good moral standing within the industry

We have a very strong offer for the right candidate with the right expierence.


Out of curiosity, why do you want to open a lab if you don’t have an analytical chemist on board as a business partner already?


Because they got $$$$ in their eyes

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Whereabouts in NY state are you looking to operate?

We have a number of potential sites between Syracuse and Buffalo

Unfortunately, we don’t have one who is comfortable with filling the rather large shoes required for the position at this time.

Get ready for a massive principal investment that may take more than 5 years to break even…and you’re gonna wanna hire someone who’s got like 20 years of analytical + quality experience.


Best of luck competing with pay-to-play for THC numbers.


I’ve got an extra qtrap4000 in NY with most peripherals if you’re looking to get anything second hand :woman_shrugging:

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Why so? Is this a DEA lab or are NY cannabis regs really that stringent?

All your other asks seem pretty normal.

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Many states have background check requirements for cannabis employees in management level positions. Maybe not as in depth as a full blown FBI check, but a background check requirement isn’t that uncommon.

I don’t think anyone would give it a second look if it just said “must pass background check”.

Including FBI is what makes it so stand out in my mind.

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New York is incredibly stringent, we aren’t exactly sure if we’ll need a standard background check or an FBI background check so we listed the worst-case scenario. It’s entirely up to what New York requires. If you’ve ever done business here then you know they can be a bit heavy-handed with pre-reqs

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