Farm Bill 2024 Draft Summary Released by US House/Senate

So nice of Senator Stabenow to make statements like that before the senate is even finished and no reconciliation has even started.


So the senate is making there own version of the bill? Then they reconsile them into one or?

Does the senates version have its own wording or?

Just wondering if that amendment is in the senates version automatically since it was passed

Ah yes. The house has a bill. The senate has a bill. They both have to get out of committee. Then they go to the floor of the house or senate for full chamber vote and amendments and stuff. Then if they pass there (assuming they do).

It goes for reconciliation between the chambers. Then that bill comes back to both chambers to get voted on AGAIN. Then off to the president for signing.

So yeah - seems a bit early to talk about things not being able to be reconciled, when the first step in the senate hasn’t been completed.

Debbie is pretty fucking awesome - she’s in her last term - and she’s a ballbuster. So I’m glad she’s playing hardball (makes me think MORE will happen not LESS).

But not everyone agrees with me that when the woman in charge says STOP FUCKING AROUND - its a good thing. Haha!


Any idea when the senate might release the initial draft of their bill? I thought I saw somewhere in this thread that someone (maybe it was you) said they havent releases any info on their bill

We don’t really know. They released their summary documents. Usually it has to go through some pretty big markup in committee before someone leaks it… and they don’t usually show us at all until the first actual committee vote. Which hasn’t happened yet.

But probably sometime in June - expecting them to be consistent with previous Farm Bills.


thanks for all the info on this stuff!


Poorly for cannabinoids

Can’t help but notice you leave out the part where the acetone is being marketed as a cutting agent for peanut butter. Yes, the acetone company who told you cut your peanut butter is liable for the damages. Whether you are also liable is a different question.

My point is simply that the legal market wouldn’t exist without the criminals who took the risks to get us this far, and people like you use the words “drug dealers” as a derogatory. My point is the legal market is no better than the black market, and in a lot of cases that are written in stone on this forum, y’all in the legal market are blatantly disregarding your customers safety.

It aint legal till your grandma can sell her flowers at the farmers market.


Maybe the n00bz


That is some sexy THCa hemp


It makes me wanna be compliant alllll over the place


Amen to that

Another bill introduced today, pretty broad ban language

I heard it got shot down in Florida today

That was a state bill in Florida. :slight_smile: This is a House Bill at the US Congress.

The Senate has not yet released their bill fully but they have released summaries (Sen. Stabenow’s is above) and you can look at Sen. Boozman’s here.

Looks like the bills in the House and the proposed structure in the Senate are getting closer and closer all the time. Sen. Stabenow’s summary includes hemp, Sen. Boozman’s does not.

Still many months between now and September - plenty of time to kick the tires on this one for sure.

The current Farm Bill in the house creates new categories for industrial hemp, food, fiber, fuel, and other. Cannabinoids live in the other category. And as @pdxcanna has indicated the house bill currently limits THC and things marketed that have effects like THC.

The current Farm Bill limits the documentation and testing requirements for food, fiber, and fuel - seemingly to make it easier on farmers. (That is also in the summary from Sen. Stabenow in the Senate).

The general TLDR listed above has not changed, with the exception of the addition of a limitations (they have not been defined yet) of the amount of THC present in all products. And the addition of limitations of the amount of any substance that would be marketed like THC in hemp products as well.

Hasn’t been voted on by the full House yet. And we haven’t seen the House and Senate bills come together in a single bill. Both those things still need to happen before the President can sign anything into law.

Lots of work left to do! Don’t forget to let your Representative and Senator know where you stand on the issue. How it will impact your business and your quality of life. <3

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What’s up with the hemp cannabinoid language included in the House Appropriations Committee’s spending bill?

Its true - this is in the appropriations bill that came out of committee. Its almost word for word that same as the amendment to the farm bill. The committee also removed the SAFE banking language from the appropriations bill, sadly.

I’m not seeing anything else on the senate side - so it might also get wiped when the two bills come together.

People have been trying to include changes to cannabis and hemp rules in the appropriations and national defense bills for years. Doesn’t usually make it all the way to the floor - but I suppose this could be a different year.

Another good reason to make sure your voice is heard by your representative and senators. If they don’t know how their constituents feel - how can they vote in their favor?

We might see this language pop up in other places. Amendment riders like this are definitely common practice.

For instance - the amendment that protects medical licensed operators and medical patients throughout the country was originally amended to the appropriations bill and continues to be added year after year.