Fairy Tale Land - Ideas that may not be possible

my buddy sent me a message just now and had me laughing my ass off at first.

" yo dude… you think theres a way to get cannabis oil into a nitrous oxide cartridge. then you can do whippets with weed. we can call them Wheeedpets"
we had a good chuckle then i began to ponder. is there any way to achieve this? cannabinoid oil vapor trapped with nitrous oxide and compressed into those little cartridges???

anyway thought it was a silly text then it made me ponder because i had never heard of this idea before.

You want to huff nitrous oxide laced with weed?

hypothetical questions dont always need to be based on person or ones current reality. the question is " is there any way to achieve this…?"

not " should I inhale nitrous oxide mixed with cannabis oil ?? " but either way…


The short answer is yes there is a way to achieve almost everything. Question is, is it commercially viable?

idk man i just wanted to know if it was possible. he asked me and i had to tell him that would be a cool idea but have no idea how one would achieve that.

hook a venturi type mixing valve between your whipit and a vape pen.



Nitrous oxide + ethanol cannabis oil + sorbitan trioleate = nitrous weed

Suspend the thc into ethanol, mix with sorbitan trioleate to emulsify with nitrous oxide.

This is just a guess.


I wouldn’t want to inhale raw thc extracts.

what is a dab then? i’ve inhaled 1000’s of cannabis extracts

You inhale raw unburned extract?
I gotta see this. Post a vid of you huffing a non vaporized dab

The coating your mouth have must be awesome


i get what your saying now haha no i have not

but you cant possibly inhale non vaporized or non aerosoled cannabinoids can you ?

Not if you want to get high

Okay let’s try this out (just off the top of my head, just one way but there are many other ways I can think of).

It’s more of a device than anything else.

You have a chamber with a small cup in it that you can put a dab in it that cup will be an ultrasonic vaporizer. The chamber will have a tube connected to a valve that is connected to a source of nitrous oxide it will have another tube that runs to a mouthpiece. You opened the chamber put the dab in the cup press a button that will start the vaporizing process then the valve connected to the nitrous oxide open for a short interval pushing nitrous oxide through the chamber that is saturated with vapor already, suck on the mouthpiece, voila you’re there.

This whole process can be easily automated.

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Or just take a bong rip and instead of clearing the bowl with air, drop a nitrous oxide canister on it and take in the weed hit with nitrous oxide backing it lol
Youll probably pass out from hypoxia.
Dont try this unless uve got a proffesional medical staff ready to resurrect you :rofl:

You could have the nitrous oxide canister holder built into the bong so instead of a carb cap, youve got yourself a nitrous assisted carb hole replacement.
Just press a button and boom all that smoke gets projected into ur lungs… doesnt sound fun but everyones got their own means of fun


I would strongly advise against blowing nitrous oxide on red hot anything


more specifically theres not a way to atomize the cannabis oil alongside the nitrous as it leaves its canister. ?? im thinking more like in this pseudo-reality scenario that you just grab a 25mg THC with Nitrous Oxide canister and load it in your dispenser and fill up a balloon … im sure more people will try to pick the idea apart but it came from a joke and in no way was this like a thesis in chemistry class or whatever. i just was curious if someones ever thought of a way to aerosol the thc into a gas state. thanks in advance

Nos isn’t flammable. It’s an oxidizer


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I think you’d be safe… nobody dabs at over 1k degrees.

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Personally I would not have a flame or anything red hot that close to me and have nitrous oxide blowing on it but you feel free