Fair price for crude?

Hello what is a fair market price for co2 extracted crude? 43%cbd .7thc not winterized… 10 liter price? And 100 liter price? thanks for any input

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Just curious, do these happen to be amounts you’re looking for?

No It is our product we had made for us.

Ethanol crude is usually around 1800-2500, although for CO2 extracted oil, you’re possibly looking at a value around 3000-5000. Winterized CO2 is around $5500.

Ok great we are asking 2k. Thanks for the input.

So 2k a liter for ethanol crude is Cali?

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our hydrocarbon crude was going for 1.60 a G to a vendor. im guessing he was getting 1.75-1.80 ish

1600-1800 per Ltr


Why is Co2 worth more?

Thanks for the advice we are moving it for 1100/kilo for quick sale

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1500- 2000 tops,

How much do you have left?

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200 kilos

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Where are you located? Would love to try a test batch if possible. We’d pay ofcourse

Hello we are interested how do we get in contact with you rockymtn24 7194654396

Are you interested in crude oil or isolate

interested in crude, but always interested in isolate as well. How do I contact you?

We are having a tough time because it isn’t winterized, so the remaining liters are 900/liter in Denver.

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Have you tried winterizing it what are your losses?

Where can I pick this up for 900/L??

Hemp crude? I have a hard time understanding why winterized CO2 crude would be selling at almost 90% of the price of a kilo of isolate?