Had a company install a manifold for our dewaxer, so that we could turn the cold jacket fluid on it or not, while the valves were closed the liquid inside the jacket went from a super condensed state at -70C and expanded to its normal state at room temp with no where to go cause the manifold they installed blocked it, the expansion imploded the jacketed stainless steels walls like they were playdoh completely took out a 6"x36" material column and put a fat dent in a 3" dewaxing column.

Companies tech installed a chiller and closed loop system and didnt set up the overflow system on the glycol chiller, and kept it plugged, then overfilled it and shot glycol all over the internal components. They bought us a new chiller since it got toasted by getting every component effectively drenched in glycol

My boss at last job broke a beaker with a liter of distillate inside by putting it in a hot plate immediately after removing it from our refrigerator, there was basically none left that was salvageable, same guy dropped 2 liters of winterized crude on the floor/himself after removing from the 150C hotplate it had been on for 3+ hours decarbing, it melted his shoes if he wouldnt of had steel toes it would of been much worse still burned a huge chunk of skin off his foot.


Assume all vessels have pressure. Started tagging any units that are under any kind of pressure.


We had a 12L flask ruined by exhaust that was posing as crude from an outside source. Should have had the stuff tested before running.


Couldn’t figure out why my system wasn’t recovering. Found out that there was moisture in the coil and ended up freezing when I put it in dry ice. Make sure recovery path is clear.


Just wow!

Thank you all for sharing.

I’m not 100% certain that “liking” any of those posts feels appropriate to me :thinking:

I certainly like the spirit in which they are offered.

Learning from our own mistakes is one thing, others letting us learn from theirs is rare.

Bravo :clinking_glasses:


Fatal error: freezing material, letting it thaw or melt in any way, then cooling it again

Ice crystals cover the trichomes, effectively drilling your yields in the ass with a fat dildo


Ice water hash time!


My bosses read this board. So … yeah . No failures . …yet :stuck_out_tongue:



I had my vac line get full of etoh during just this.

Blast off! My thermometer and adapter hot my ceiling and then the glass cracked on the tile floor. It still holds vac (lol). Been waiting 4 weeks for replacements to get in stock at my local glass-r-us (usalab) store.

Seperate fail
And my vac pump (trivac, spare now), STILL reaks like burnt ammonia from my last run I did for the asshat, I mean lying client. I’ve flushed 2x and did 3 oil changes. Still no bueno.


Not my mistake but I have pics. Do not do this to your pumps. There was a wax trap and mol sieve filter.


I’ve seen that grease on brand new trs’s Before. Cps don’t give a fuck about us or our health and take all the shortcuts they can making that pump. Included are using hot glue to help make it “sparkproof” or whatever, and that nasty black I’m sure non food grade grease on the pumps internals… I bet that crap was in your buddy’s pump from jump.


Nope, that right there is errr was crude. A lot of it. I had more pics that didn’t post. And I know what it looked like before, not her first time on my bench.


A minor issue comparatively, but always keep a second trusted thermometer of one sort or another around.

In the beginning I wasted many hours waiting for CBD to dissolve in a luke warm solution because I mistakenly believed the digital readout on my equipment and apparently have girly fingertips now… I miss my cook hands.


Opening a pressured collection vessel on a 5 lb butane C LS. Entire upper body covered in BHO as well as my car, funny thing was the car was such a piece of shit, i estimated the BHO on the car was worth 4x as much the car. Still drove it around Seattle collecting dust and hair :slight_smile:


Letting air back into honey pot while it was still warm . Made something that looked like pulled pork …
It did insta budder tho . Too bad it was supposed to be poured lol

Old bubble bags shed microplastics into your product. Always good to have quality control on this stuff!



chasing CBN with a slew of reagents only to find out that it was something that should have been my first option…


Is this a hint


I ordered a pair of super cheap 24/40 Teflon stoppers on eBay. It turns out they were super cheap because they were just Teflon coated steel… I found that out earlier this week when I couldn’t find my glass stoppers right away, so I opted to use my Teflon stopper and apparently it expanded much more than the glass joint allowed for after being heated. The $50 I saved on these stoppers was far outweighed by the $200 boiling flask I had to replace after the stopper broke the side neck. Not to mention what this down-time is costing me. :expressionless:

On the bright side though, I did get to use this opportunity to order some inexpensive spare parts from Chemglass along with the new boiling flask that I’ve been putting off because of the shipping cost. Silver linings… :man_shrugging:t3: