Extraction technical talk/ solvent selection and weight

So guys and gals here’s one I’ve been thinking about, I’ve got one I want all you to mull over and think about really really good…its been head scratcher for me lately and I’ve tried the search bar multiple times…

If you take the SAME plant …split directly in two equal parts…extract cryo cold dewax as much as possible

Part A we extract w all N butane…

Part B w a blended solvent …who cares the ratio doesn’t matter for this…

All parameters must be equal but the one the thing…the SOLVENT selected…havr to use the same lbs,temp,weight materia everything!

Would N grab lets say 80% of t/c ?

So since the blended solvent has the n it grabs the same amount? 80% and then grabs more terps?

So would u have more weight just by using a blended solvent ?

That’s pretty much what I’m getting at…does a blended solvent show signs of pulling more weight w the added terps?

Thanks for all ur input!


I think its the complete opposite. The lower boiling point of the mixed gas makes it more selective. Hence less weight.

I think all things given the same. The Nbutane will produce more than mixed gas. The mixed gas will likely be lighter from less waxes and contaminates because it has to be ran at a lower temp just to stay a liquid.

Thats my theory. I think the loss is negligible but i think straight nbutane yields more than any mixed gas.


I think I forgot to put running at cryo temps

If they were both run exact same at cryo

I still think the same…i think the Nbutane is gonna be less selective on what it picks up and it will pick up more waxes and contaminants then a propane mix.


Thanks buddy I always appreciate your input, and it’s always highly respected and taking in

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My experience is that propane yields are super low compared to butane or mixes. Also, propane is only capable of making sugar wax, where butane or mixes can make a shatter.

That’s all I know for sure


When doing fresh frozen, live resin, or diamond runs, do you guys tend to put in more solvent or less? Do you skip soaking and try for the (-20 - -40C)coldest temps you can achieve for the solvent and material columns? I have been doing a 70/30 propane butane mix but want to try other ones for the diamond runs.

What are we looking for when choosing the solvent for each end product? Does any one have any good info or articles on n-butane, iso-butane, propane, their properties; alone and together, and how they relate to our world. I am trying to learn everything I can.

I understand that propane having one less carbon, makes it boil at a lower temp, and not grab as much stuff or hold on as well. But how does this all work when in a mix with one or 2 other similar alkanes? Also with different boiling points does your ratio change quickly so that you have a different percentage of each solvent after a few runs?

I am currently unable to get under 20F for my solvent and material columns but run a -20c dewax. Do you think this is what is making my color look bad and my end product so sappy. The material is 3 month old and was put in a freezer after it was socked but has ice on outside of bags that i scrape off. I’m trying to figure out what is the optimal ,


We definitely don’t soak when we’re blasting for diamonds or anything clear crystallized with clear golden Terps

Not getting to proper temperature is definitely your problem with being sappy and your color, also taking plants a week early can help with color

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What is the specific ratio on the 60/20/20 blend? And I also had the question about the ratio changing after a few runs due to different boiling points and how to keep your solvent tank at its original ratio (or as close as possible) when doing a transfill? Can anyone elaborate on this topic?

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Taking a plant a week early can end up costing 20% or the final yield,
Just saying.
Also, blended gas will possibly yield less but it is picking up less undesirables as well, i.e. less fats etc

The ratio of 60/20/20 is…
Wait for it…
Depending on what is listed, this would most likely be
n-butane/isobutane/propane. Uh bless it says something else on the tank

I thought the larger # was n butane. I saw it somewhere on Only The Strong Sauce Tek forum I believe. Shoulda screenshotted it bc damn thats a long forum and have already spent quite some time looking for it again with no success.

What if they already was going weeks over?

Bc by the all amber color extract I would assume they waited to long anyways

@MagisterChemist could probably solve this problem :nerd_face:

Are there hydrocarbon membranes yet? @TheLastHashbender

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Indeed, there are several companies producing them. I’ve worked with longer chain alkanes a bit but I think @MagisterChemist can weigh in with more authority here and perhaps even @Kingofthekush420 but I haven’t actually ran any with light hydrocarbons.

This is some permeate/retentate color remediation I’ve achieved in heavier alkanes so there’s definitely ALOT of potential here.


I’m going to be running that same membrane in butane soon so we’ll see the difference. I expect even better results actually.


Adios cryo butane

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Good vendors of hydrocarbon membranes:



I have membranes that are compatible with hydrocarbons for my skids

I have several different vendors depending on what you’re trying to do

This was warm ethanol

My crude is coming out over 85% warm extracted in ethanol

I’ll be switching to wet extraction with hydrocarbons in the next month or so