Extraction equipment for sale (Complete setup)

Hi fellow extractors,

We have a full extraction lab setup for sale.
The equipment offering includes:

  1. Holding Silo and material handling auger for direct feed into extraction vessel.
  2. Large Low temp chiller -80C / -112F (Circulation capacity: 702 cubic feet of cooling liquid).
  3. Jacketed centrifuge (70-80lbs per extraction run / 15min).
  4. Screw Compressor
  5. Sambo Greeck Filter (Capacity: 21 gallon)
  6. Falling Film Evaporator (Capacity: 200L per hour)
  7. 50 Liter Rotary evaporator + chiller and vacuum pump - 2 sets available
  8. 100L Jacketed reactor vessel + heating circulator
  9. 6 inch glass wiped film distillation still
  10. 100L Jacketed glass reactor vessel
  11. Fire and Ice Box (temp range: +180C to -40C / +356F to -40C)
  12. Chest freezer 21.7 cubic feet – 3 available
  13. Buchner funnel with 50L collection flask + vacuum pump
  14. USA Lab Buchner filter
  15. Blender
  16. Vacuum Oven 1.9 cubic feet
  17. Piston compressor 60 gallon
  18. Stainless steel workbenches – 5 available

Other equipment available:
• Manifolds and piping, graded hoses for connecting the equipment together
• Drums and IBC’s for storing processed or unprocessed inventory

Prices negotiable.
PDF file below lists all the equipment with detailed specifications.
DM me for more information

Extraction Equipment for sale.pdf (640.0 KB)



Where are you located? Can you post pictures of the silo with the auger? I am not in the market, but it sounds quite cool


Pictures of everything please

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This is the holding silo. It can hold roughly 2 supersacks of milled hemp material (300lbs).
The auger then feeds the material upwards through the wall. It then has another hose that extends downwards directly above the centrifuge. So the only thing you have to do is open the top of the centrifuge, place a filter bag inside, and discharge the hemp directly into the centrifuge (each filter bag can hold roughly 70lbs of hemp). Then you close the filter bag and the top of the centrifuge and start extracting.

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Extraction Equipment for sale.pdf (640.0 KB)
Please view this document for pictures of everything. There is a lot of equipment that we are selling if you need more detailed pictures of one specific item, please DM me, otherwise I will have to blast this thread with tons of pictures, which will case a chaotic look.


Badass, good luck with the sale my friend!

Edit: Just looked at the pdf, youve certainly got this priced to sell! Where are you located? I am actually interested in a few smaller things, 50L roto, 12" buchner filter, maybe a 100L reactor and chiller

Edit 2: If you’re local to me, Ill scoop those five steel tables as well as a freezer!

I too, am curious where they’re located!

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3 k for the roto set up seems to good to be true?

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With the amount of used equipment up for sale right now, I believe it

Very nice, where are you located.

… should I be redundant with the location ask?

Hi Everybody, the location is in Roseburg Oregon. Anybody who wants to buy can come by and pick up the equipment anytime.

Are either one of the 50l rotovaps available? Specs on the pump and chiller? Sometimes those turnkey systems come with chillers and pumps that can’t even run the system. I may be interested!

Or better yet, brand and model of
Said setup? Maybe pics of actual
Hardware? I’m close to Roseburg. If it
Seems up to par I may grab asap

Full 50l roto setup is indeed kind of too good
To be tru haha that’s why i asked for specs on the pump
And chiller

Reason for the lower price is because we are closing the company, so its in our interest to get everything sold. As for the specs I am not an expert on that thing, but I can tell you what we used them for which should give you a good idea.
1 - The first Rotovap we had hooked up to our Falling Film Evaporator as a secondary evaporation stage. For your info, the Falling Film ran through about 200L per hour and we ran it for roughly 8 hours a day. The rotovape had constant volume on its hands and still managed to hold out quite well, just had to repace some thermostats and sensors.
2- The second rotovap we used for recovering pentane during Isolate production, so this one didn’t had that much load on its shoulders. We never experienced any problems with that one, probably because the volume was way lower.

if you have doubts you are welcome to come and check them out.

We are closing the company, so its in our interest to get everything sold. You are welcome to come and check the equipment in person. Or DM me if you want to schedule in a phone call.


Sounds pretty good. The chiller is really the big concern. If you can grab pics of the hardware or anything that would really help. I’m certain I’d love to take this but I’m not a super pro and would like to double check the hardware specs for the chiller and pump

IF this is the actual system for sale, can anyone chime in on the pump and chiller holding up to the system? I don’t at all doubt your legitimacy, I just really am not super knowledgeable on hardware specs and want to make sure the chiller and pump will keep up. Maybe judging by the pic (If same model for sale) someone can identify the hardware? I’ve just had some
Bad luck in the past with “turnkey” systems coming with a chiller that couldn’t keep up at all

Sorry everybody for the delay in response. This Saturday the extraction lab burned down with the equipment in it. The cause for the fire is still being investigated.
I know this sounds like a joke but it isn’t.
You can Google ‘‘Hemp Warehouse in Roseburg Burned Down’’.

I’d like to thank everybody who expressed interest in the equipment we had for sale. Unfortunately there is nothing left to sell.

Wish everybody the best of luck with your business endeavors.

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