Extraction And Processing Equipment For Sale In SoCal

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I’ve got a lot of nice equipment for sale from a project that I was working on the didn’t get across the finish line. Everything listed below has been delivered, uncrated, but never used. Project ran out of money for a potpourri of reasons, so now we’re faced with re-marketing the gear. Items are currently in storage in Orange County. I’ve got a ton of info on this stuff so do hesitate to ask questions in you’re interested. It’s all really high quality and would be a good buy for anyone.

  • 20 horsepower -50C Dynalene Chiller (American Made by G&D Chillers 480V). System is split, meaning main unit with compressors is separate from condensers so you don’t have to dump all that heat inside your building

  • Prescott P500 short path wiped film distillation unit with universal power transformer. 500 sq cm of evaporator surface area. Really high quality unit never even uncrated.

  • Cryogenic sterile filtering apparatus for inline winterization of miscella and aqueous solutions (beverage product) filtration. Stainless steel housings with stainless filter elements can be cleaned and renewed indefinitely. Porosity ranging from 50 micron down to .2 micron

  • CO2 monitor with remote sensors, alarms, and strobes. Guaranteed to give any fire marshal a compliance boner

  • Microfludizer by Microfluidics (30K PSI) The absolute best tool for creating shelf stable truly nano emulsions with the tightest distribution of particle size possible. The best of the best

  • Kaiser SM10 AirCenter with integrated dryer and receiver tank (480V). Cadillac of screw compressors. Tells you when it needs maintenance and makes a ton of CFM quietly.

  • Membrane contactor cart with dissolved oxygen metering onboard. We were using this to scrub oxygen out of ingredient and process water down to the low PPB range. Can be used for all kinds of applications involving the scrubbing or infusing of gasses into liquids

  • 10’ X 20’ C1D1 extraction booth by HAL Extraction. Setup for ethanol process, but just needs a sensor to be swapped for any other type of process (hydrocarbon etc.) Was setup, sealed, and then disassembled.

  • VFD cabinet with C1D1 control box. Contains three 1 HP 480V variable frequency drives inteded for pumps. Control box and cabinet together were designed to drive 3 electric centrifugal pumps and an air driven diaphragm pump.

  • Pall 18" linticular filter housing, 3 elements tall. This piece we got used with some other equipment. Good condition, just needs the legs welded back on.

  • Two 20 cu ft -40C chest freezers. These were meant to pre-chill biomass in preparation for extractions (120V)

  • 4000 GPD RO system with pressure switch. Included inline UV light for disinfection and algae control. Can be inexpensively upgraded to 12,000 GPD

  • Static mixer (2" tri-clamp). For inline blending of media

  • 96” SS prep table 35” H

This stuff for sale?

@BG305 It sure is! Let me know which pieces you might be interested in and I can get you more info

Price.on p500?

We need prices to take a stab at an offer.

What Brand RO and how much?
Price of the C1D1?

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@NewLevelProcess Original invoice was for 165K. Make us an offer :slightly_smiling_face:

The brand of the RO is CraftBrew Water. They’re great little systems and are super reliable. This particular one can be inexpesively upgraded to 12k GPD as well. Also forgot to mention that it has a UV light built into this unit. I think we’d let it go for 4K

C1D1 I believe was bought for 40K so I think we could do around 30K

@NewLevelProcess Here’s a photo

Whats the model # so i can look it up?

@BG305 Here the info on the RO

Is your C1D1 available still?

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You ever sell this stuff?