Extracting in Glass Reactor

Hey Guys,
we´re planning to use a GlassReactor (l really like the Triple Jacketed Glass Reactor w/ Electric Lift from @goldleaf_scientific ) for small scale extraction of high THC flowers. As solvent we will use Heptane or Hexane.

Does anyone here have experience in using a glass reactor for extraction? Any input is appreciated, thank you!


Whow as solvent heptane or hexane ?
What is your end product to be ?

I have done hexane -86 C washes in a sonic bath and washed 5 material batches with the same hexane works Well iT s just that the hexane pulls to much shi#%^^^
So No use
Serious they are tough to cleanup😢

Thank you for your reply! It´s true that non-polar solvents really pull a lot of shit.
What solvent would you recommend to do the primary (non cryo) extraction?
However I would stick to Heptane/Hexane for the followed Liquid-Liquid cleaning wash.

Start with cold ethanol (-40 or colder) to limit initial extraction of lipids.

Then L/L with Heptane to leave most water soluble impurities in the ethanol.

Follow with acidic saline to dissasociate the phosphatides (resin gland cell walls) making them water soluble, allowing them to wash out with the saline


Are You licenst extractor or a Rogue lab like me ?
End product ?
The higher the C count the higher the extraction power
So i haven t tryied iT yet but i am eager to tey cold pentane -24 C must be possible with a cheap freezer on R 404 or pentane refrigirant
Pentane is non polar
Evaporates easy more expensive :sleepy:

How do you L/L with ethanol? Doesn’t it form an azeotrope?