Extracting Cold without a Chiller

I’m currently running room temp and have been getting a ton of gums and undesirables in my extract also I don’t think I’m picking up as much thc as I should be. I’ve been looking into chilling but until I’m ready to make that 60-80,000$ investment I would love to hear ideas on how to get this done in the meantime keeping in mind that my cup system can only handle -40 degrees at coldest. Also I have 3 large Cryo freezers at my disposal that I’m currently using for post extraction winterization. Any thoughts or ideas are always appreciated.

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Dry ice and a good thermometer
If You only Ad the dry ice needed to get to -40C
I would recomend the smallest size pellets for this
The freezer can get You a long way
Cool everything down to -50 C and extract the -10c degrees You Will loose as soon as iT all hits the cup
Vacuumbag freeze your biomass also at -50C


I’m going to try this, I need to find something to put my 15.5 gallon kegs into with good temperature insulation.

You can insulate the kegs

How would I go about doing that?

check this out bro! Not a bad price either eh?


That’s awesome ok so I’d put the dry ice in the pockets of the pouch?

no, it has no pockets. You could get a heat exchanger and a pump, or add ln2 direct for chilling. The thing is basically a blanket that you would use at a party for a pre chilled keg.
If you wanted to go baller in a budget @StoneD made a plywood jacket for dry ice pellets a while ago. build a plywood box, line it with R-Tech insulation. Put your keg in there and secure it with braces at the base so the keg can’t slide around. Make a foam lid with a sheetrock knife that goes around the keg top onto the box.


Would you mind sending me links to heat exchangers and pumps you reccomend I’m not familiar with a heat exchanger.

If your small scale and have open top vessels just add it directally to the solvent. Pumps get tricky the colder you go, @cyclopath has been selecting pumps for his operation. Mabey he can chime in if he found a winner chicken dinner.


Insulate with spray foam


check this out for ln2 cooling processes.


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Made the insulation sleave today the geurilla. Way but iT works so
Some carton used by painters and plaster men
Some good old duck tape
WD 40 and construction foam


What I’ve been doing thus far is using a dip tube in the tank and pushing the liquid out with a compressor

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What you can do is insulate the outside, and direct cool by injecting ln2 down the dip tube at a slow rate and venting the top of the vessel to the atmosphere for cool down. Once your desired temp is acheived you can use a valve mantifold to pressurize the headspace of the tank by spiking it with n2 gas and forcing the liquid out of the diptube to your extraction vessel. Your ln2 tank will have 2 outputs, there should be one labled gas, and another labled liquid.



If starting out chilling to -50 in a freezer would be enough to run a cup system at the desired -40 temp for the cold extraction and also having your biomass freeze to the -50 then what would be the rate at which it would warm up given a lab room temp of mid to high 60’s? Would it lose anynore thqn 10 degrees in a matter of 15 min?


So I would be forcing liquid nitrogen down my kegs dip tube for cool down then gas into my keg to push out the dip tube after.

Yep, down the diptube to cool with ln2. Then pressurize the headspace of the tank with n2 gas to push the cooled liquid out of the keg.


The ln2 will turn into a gas or it will remain as a liquid in my solvent? Just looking for a explanation

Did I read this thread correctly? He has a CUP and it’s pulling gums and waxes?

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