Extension cords

What kind of extension cords should I be using in my extraction room?

None whatsoever. All plugs are inherently a spark / explosion hazard.

If you’re doing things right, everything will in a hard wired, sealed conduit which leads out of the extraction room. No plugs at all.

Sorry but if you really want to be safe, there is no extension cord I can recommend you at all. This is coming from the perspective of a licensed processor.


Yeah I figured

The best thing you can do for yourself is to make sure not to skip the pressure test before your run


If you need to have electrical in your blast room just make sure you aren’t plugging and unplugging anything while the process is going on because that will cause a spark. Try placing the plug itself 48" off the ground. Have proper ventilation and use common sense even though it’s not safe. Any electrical cord that’s rated for that power should be fine for the equipment.


Another safety step to deploy if you have to use extension cords around gas is to get some electrical tape and tape the connection on the plug up so it cant be accidentally tripped on or unplugged creating a spark


Get yourself a personal hydrocarbon LEL sensor and religiously wear it on your belt like a dorky dads cell phone.