Experimentation with different solvents

Just curious if anyone has tried experimenting with different, less common cannabis related solvents. For instance i tried polishing N-butane extracted concentrate with acetone (which is slightly polar, i know). I tried a winterization with acetone. It seemed to remove a bit less fats/waxes/lipids, but filtered out some unidentified impurities visible in filter paper. It lightened the oil a couple shades though. After an additional purge in vac. oven, end result was a very smooth vape. Another one i havent tried is naptha which is a mixture of hydrocarbon and other chemicals. I know Rick Simpson experimented with naptha, but I haven’t done much research. Sounds crude, but I’m always curious by nature. Chloroform is the other one i intend on experimenting with on a trial and error basis. If anyone has experience with any of the solvents I mentioned. Or any other interesting routes to top quality extracts. Love to hear any feedback. I am a new member so be nice. Lol

I wouldn’t recommend using naptha, it’s basically low quality heptane. I’ve seen a few extracts made with heptane, didn’t try any of them though.


Acetone is among the polar solvents I have used. It sucks up a lot of water when exposed for long in atmosphere like alcohol will. Acetone is tough to purge for some reason. It always seems a bit messy to purge. Acetone can be used really in most instances that Ethyl Acetate can. EA is pretty easy to purge but being among the polar solvents also soaks up the water.

Once you cross into non polar solvents then the solvents will solvate waxes and gums right along with the cannabinoids whereas the polar solvents will generally not solvate those. So from this perspective only the non polar solvents grab a ton more gunk and hold it in solution.

This would seem a significant departure at first glance from RSO which started with isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is technically suitable for use as sedation during surgery but animal testing revealled nasty potential side effects used like this. My point is that residual iso may have had a synergistic effect from this viewpoint. Trace amounts of iso present in RSO certainly present a different situation for the body to cope with but even purged fully it seems a non polar solvent also introduces a lot of stuff not originally present in RSO.


CHCl3, excellent solvent! We used to make hash oil with chloroform back when hash was plentiful and cheap. A light reddish crude typically resulted from soxlet extraction of Moroccan hash. Wicked good with a unique and unforgettable flavor!
I would not recommend CHCl3 unless you really know your shit. It can be very dangerous.
I also really like CH2Cl2 but folks on this site seem to think that any chlorinated solvent is BAD, BAD, BAD.
However, if you are follow BHO purge SOP (vacuum oven), these are much easier to purge than tane.
Another advantage is both solvents maintain very low viscosity even at -60C.

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