European CBD Isolate Prices

Hi All,

I am wondering if any of you have a good feel for what CBD Isolate is going for in Europe?

Thank you!

I think prices are 260-275 euros per kg now


I think the best person to ask would be @Roguelab

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Bret’s pricing is correct
Main problem is all is with invoice bank payment

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What do you mean by that? Banks will not allow you to pay for CBD?

O no most accept payment yust that my customers pay cash and that becomes an isseu for several country s in Europe are becoming cash less and cash is no longer king

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We don’t :slight_smile:


Crazy how Europe is going cashless

Couldnt imagine that shit

Give it time, all that is happening over seas is just a precursor to here shortly

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It’s sick and stressful
I ll give a short description of the situation in the Netherlands

Bills of 500 and 200 euro are barely accepted bring them to the bank and expect a phone call as to how and why you received them
ALL payments over 1500 euro in cash must be registered by the company accepting and ratted to the gov
Any amount over 480€ saved at home MUST be declared on tax documents
Any amount over 250 € found in your pocket on the street can be seized
If no valid invoice or bank statements can be provided
It s even now so screwed that one is allowed to arrive at the airport with
9999€ undeclared but as soon as you exit the building you get stopped and
You better be able as to how and where you got it or it gets seized until your court appearance ( 6 weeks minimum)
The Netherlands has 5 major banks
Where 98% of it s population has an account
3 if these banks where fines for laundering or not enough effort to avoid laundering
As a result depending on where you are registered when putting cash on the bank you get send a questionnaire with
47 questions about how why where you make your money you got that money etc etc 23% of those receiving this
Get their account canceled and have a hard time getting a new account at another bank for you guessed it
Question number one is have you been denied an account at another bank
Answer yes and they won t accept you
Leaving as only option
Internet banks where putting cash on the account is costly and not easy for you will have to figure out a way
And it s getting worse by the month

Ps it s crazy that any of the surrounding country’s ( max 3 hour drive ) does not have these restrictions

Second hand car dealer are having real trouble keeping/ getting accounts lately


Hey @Kingofthekush420 can you shoot me a DM? I have a couple questions for you. Thanks

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Sent you a dm

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Cant have over $250 in your pocket…. that is fucking insane. What brought all that on? It was nothing like that when I was over there.

Get payment in crypto, like a stable coin USDT, USDC