ETS MEP Extraction System FOR SALE

Calyx Crafts rec processor in Bend, OR is selling used MEP 30liter PHO/BHO extraction system. This machine comes with:
*Modular Platform Stainless Steel Frame with locking casters
*Rapid recovery colleciton vessel with high pressure view port
*Dual ETS expansion filter vastly imporves recovery time without risking the operating health of your
recovery pump.
*Sub Cool injection coil system including an MTA TAEevo 5000-w recirculating chiller
*Dual 1200-w thermo Scientific SC-100 Hot water Recirculating Systems
*Built in Haskel EXT-420 Modified two-stage recovery pup including precision flow regulator
*Air tool port accessory kit with pneumatic cleaning attachment

*Selling with package Iron Fist 50 lbs steel Solvent Tank double jacketed co2 chilled

New this unit is $79,000

*Selling with package our Chicago pneumatic ROTARY SCREW 5 HP air compressor thats needed to run
the Haskel recovery pump.

new is $8500

*Selling with package the Dewax unit for ETS MEP which comes with Julabo chiller (-50).

new is $13,500

Total used sell price: $70,000 OBO (for everything mentioned)


Only $9k off of a used unit? Apologies for my ignorance, but, is that standard?

I suppose “used” is a broad term, I would think equipment like this would have a more sizable drop in value based on how much material has been ran through it.

you get the dewax unit and the compressor with the package. your saving $31,000. I can give a better deal on the unit but we won’t throw the compressor and dewax into the deal

How about just the dewax unit?

Its kinda a package deal. sorry

just added our Iron Fist Solvent tank so the pot has been sweetened.

Awesome deal!! Gotta ask why are you moving on from this rig?

We have linked up with a local fabricator and just trying out something different. We don’t have much space in our room or we would just keep it. We have a Eden labs Co2 machine for sale as well. Just haven’t made a post yet.

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We have lowered the price to 60,000 for this whole package. Really need to move this to make room at our facility. It wouldn’t let me edit this post anymore or I would change the price above.


If it’s still available I’d like to buy it.

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Is this unit still available?

I’m interested anyone pick it up yet?

still available

Hi, would you be willing to part with the dewax unit and chiller on their own? I have an MEP and am looking to speed up filtration time which would help out a lot. Please let me know, thanks!

What? / Where are the dual expansion filters? Are you referring to the molecular sieves? or chilled heat exchanger coils?

no its a package deal.

there are molecular sieves on the back. also chilled coils. not sure what you mean by dual expansion filters. the unit on the side it the bafeltek dewax kit

Hi there,

I am interested in your ETS package. Where is it located? I live in Maine but will fly out to check it out.



If you want to send me an email marklavertu@gmail.comnn I can provide my phone number so we can arrange to meet.

Would like to know more about this please dm