Etoh or bho for making crude??

Just curious what the most efficient crude extraction is. Has anyone done any side by side comparisons??

My guess is the industry just uses what’s quickest for production.

My honest answer from personal experience/opinion, I would have to say bho crude because it can be quicker to obtain than Ethanol crude and takes less filtration time.

I’ve done plenty of comparisons. If you want a shortcut I offer consults fairly cheap on the phone/internet. Can get you in the right direction to producing 70% cannabinoid content while running warm extraction today

2 people can process 65 lbs an hour with my tek


Bho makes better crude but doesn’t scale up as well as ethanol. That first part is debatable but I feel on average it’s easier for people to pump out decent crude with hydrocarbons.

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Would love a consult but to be honest don’t think I would waste my money learning about crude. Would be more interested in bettering my finished product

That’s silly everyone wants to buy crude and your roi would be rather quick

I don’t have a network for crude unfortunately

bho makes a better end product hands down.
also much easier and faster to run.